Here’s What Makes The Korean, Chinese, And Japanese Contestants Of “Girls Planet 999” Different, According To The Coaches

“They are good at…”

Mnet‘s newest survival program, Girls Planet 999, features singers and trainees from Korea, China, and Japan who will compete to stand on the global stage.

Girls Planet 999’s Global Audition | Mnet

The show gained traction when it was announced that Sunmi and Girls’ Generation‘s Tiffany will act as their mentors. They will be joined by vocal masters Jo Ah Young and Lim Han Byul as well as dance masters Jang Ju Hee and Baek Koo Young. Actor Yeo Jin Goo was also confirmed to host the show.

Tiffany and the vocal coaches (Left), Yeo Jin Goo (Center), Sunmi and the dance coaches (Right) | Mnet

In a recently released video, the masters watched the audition clips of the 99 contestants, and here, they couldn’t help but praise several girls.

Through these videos, they were able to pinpoint what made each country unique. The Korean contestants were notable for their mastery of the K-pop vibe and dance.

They are good at K-Pop choreography. They have a deeper understanding and performance because they are well engaged with K-Pop.

— Jang Ju Hee

The Chinese contestants were commended on their professionalism and consistency.

The C-Group, their energy is outrageous. It feels like they will do everything fine.

— Jang Ju Hee

And finally, the Japanese contestants were memorable due to their charisma.

There are quite a few quality participants. [There are] several K-Pop aces positioned.

— Baek Koo Young

Overall, they were excited about the potential of the trainees.

The overall average quality of the participants is very solid. We’ll have a great debut team.

— Lim Han Byul

Some well-known contestants include CLC‘s Yujin, Roada Xu from Youth With You 2, and reportedly also members from FNC Entertainment‘s Cherry Bullet.

CLC’s Yujin | Inkigayo

Check out the full video below.

Source: YouTube