“Girls Planet 999” Fu Yaning Apologizes For Racial Slur In Song Lyrics

She apologized for not catching it.

Girls Planet 999 contestant, Fu Yaning, has been a hot topic of contention recently. Not only did she make waves with how she dissed CLC‘s Yujin, a fellow contestant, she also offended black people with her use of a racial slur in a song cover.

She was seen using CLC’s song lyrics, “Helicopter”, against Yujin herself.

Not only that, in multiple performances, she repeated a racial slur.

Following the situation, Fu Yaning released a letter of apology.

Hello everyone, I’m Fu Yaning. In past public performances where I sang, due to the cultural differences and because I did not manage to properly understand the lyrics of the song which contained racially discriminatory and sensitive words, it has resulted in my performance hurting many people and I wish to sincerely express my apologies to everyone. I’m sorry. At the same time, I want to express that I personally have no concept of racial discrimination and that I respect every nation and culture. Regarding my mistake this time, I have reflected deeply on the consequences. I will accept all criticism and corrections. In my future work, I will strengthen my studies and will make sure to do my research beforehand. Once again, I sincerely apologize to everyone. I’m sorry.

— Fu Yaning



| @fuyaningint/Twitter

Fu Yaning was a previous contestant on Youth With You and is now currently competing on Girls Planet 999.