Eliminated “Girls Planet 999” Trainee Trends On Twitter As Fans Demand For Her Debut

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The grand finale of Girls Planet 999 premiered on October 22, 2021 and with it, the girl group Kep1er was officially announced with the final 9 members. Unfortunately, like any other survival programs, there were fan favorites who didn’t make the final cut. In this particular Mnet program, however, there was one eliminated trainee who has received, what seems to be unanimous global support — and she’s going viral for it.

Poster for “Girls Planet 999” | Mnet

Japanese trainee Kawaguchi Yurina has started to trend on Twitter after the finale of the audition program premiered just hours ago. And while the J-Group contestant wasn’t a fan favorite from the get go, she eventually went on to win the love of viewers following her impressive cover of TWICE‘s “Fancy.”

Kawaguchi Yurina | Mnet

It didn’t take long for Yurina to captivate Girls Planet 999 viewers. Her stunning visuals, stable live vocals, and impressive dance skills quickly went on to become loved by everyone worldwide. Naturally, viewers assumed that someone as talented as Kawaguchi Yurina would make it into the final lineup.

| Mnet

Following the finale of the program, however, the program’s fans were left in complete shock when it was revealed that the J-Group trainee would not get the chance to debut with Kep1er.

Final lineup of Kep1er | Mnet

It didn’t take long for netizens all over the world to express their utter disappointment in the results, as Kawaguchi Yurina immediately began to trend on Twitter.

“Yurina” trending on Twitter with 348,000 tweets.

In addition to that, fans voiced their honest opinions on the final lineup. They criticized Mnet for eliminating Yurina while pouring out their unending support for the J-Group contestant.

The talent of Kawaguchi Yurina is hard to deny, so we hope that she will earn an opportunity to show us her bright smile once again. Fighting Yurina!

Girls Planet 999

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