“Girls Planet 999” Trainees Make Headlines For Supporting Chinese Military Involvement In The Korean War

Korean netizens are baffled that they are allowed to compete.

Mnet previously dropped an exciting teaser featuring their upcoming reality program, Girls Planet 999, which garnered heavy attention. The unique survival show will feature 99 female trainees from Japan, China, and South Korea, where they will compete on the program for a chance to debut in the final girl group. While the show originally made headlines for the exciting content that is bound to come, Girls Planet 999 has belatedly come under fire for allowing Chinese participants to compete in the program.

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It’s not new news that Chinese trainees have previously competed in South Korean survivals programs before. Most famously, the Produce 101 series featured dozens of Chinese trainees in their shows, with a few of the trainees making their official debut in the final end groups. While Chinese trainees’ participation in Korean variety programs has been done before, three of the Girls Planet 999 Chinese trainees have started to make headlines after their past comments regarding the Korean War were revealed.

Wang Qiuru | Ninestyle Music

Wang Yale from Youth with You 2Chen Xinwei from DAYLIGHT, and SNH48‘s Wang QiuRu have begun to receive heavy attention from Korean netizens for their public celebration and support regarding China’s involvement in the Korean War. The three female trainees previously shared on Weibo their support of China’s military involvement in the Korean War that happened back in the 1950’s. As the tensions between China and South Korea still remain high, the three trainees’ commemoration were not viewed in a positive light.

Chen Xinwiu | iQIYI

Chen Xinwei previously uploaded this supportive message onto her personal Weibo account as a response to a CCTV News post. In a Korean translation provided by Insight, the CCTV News post commemorated China’s involvement in the Korean War citing, “along with 1.4 billion people, remember that we succeeded in victory! Think of your nation and the heroic volunteer soldiers forever!”

Chen Xinwei’s comment, Korean translation provided by Insight | Weibo

As we cherish peace, let’s remember the history and pay tribute to the heroes!

— Chen Xinwei’s Weibo

Wang Yale | iQIYI

Similarly, Wang Yale also responded to a post that was made by People’s Daily China that also celebrated China’s involvement. According to the Korean translation made by Insight, People’s Daily China proclaimed that, “On this day, China celebrates the 70th anniversary of the departure of the Chinese People’s Volunteer Army.” To this post, Wang Yale responded,

Wang Yale’s comment, Korean translation provided by Insight | Weibo

Let’s cherish our peace by remembering the history!

— Wang Yale on Weibo

This isn’t the first time that the show and the show’s Chinese participants have made headlines. They previously received backlash when news footage of the Chinese trainees arrival to South Korea began circulating online. In the video, viewers could easily note the dozens of camera flashes and reporters that were taking photos of the female trainees.

Many Korean netizens shared their frustrations by leaving comments under the girls’ arrival video.

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  • “Stupid Mnet. Why would you choose contestants from a country that ignores the mass killing they engaged in on 6/25. Are they betrayers?”
  • “Wow they must have lost their f*cking mind. Why do they continue to choose Chinese participants even after they have been scammed numerous times…it all comes down to money.”
  • “During this time…the stupid f*cking reporters who went to the airport to take photos are ridiculous.”
  • “Oh the untrustworthy Chinese participants.”
  • “Really, during these times you allowed them to participate??? I’m not going to watch. Instead, I’m going to wait for HYBE’s auditions.”
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As the backlash continues to grow against the variety program, which is set to premiere this August, Mnet has yet to make a formal statement addressing the criticisms.

Source: Insight
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