CLC’s Yujin Responds To The Diss Of Chinese Trainee Fu Yaning In The Classiest Way

Professionalism at its finest.

Last week, Mnet released a preview of their new survival program Girls Planet 999. Much to the shock of fans, Chinese trainee Fu Yaning didn’t hesitate to diss CLC‘s Yujin, another contestant of the show.

CLC’s Yujin | Mnet
Fu Yaning | Mnet

Before Fu Yaning’s performance of CLC’s “HELICOPTER” with the other Chinese contestants, the host, Yeo Jin Goo, asked if they’ll be able to perform well even with Yujin present.

The original singer is here. Think you got this?

— Yeo Jin Goo

Fu Yaning confidently stated that they will perform even better than the original.

We got this. She originally sang this, but we can show a side that only we can show. Plus, we can do better than the original.

— Fu Yaning

She added that they will “go up,” while Yujin won’t.

We go up, but you don’t.

— Fu Yaning

The preview ended before fans could see Yujin’s complete reaction. On August 6, the first episode finally aired, and the full interaction between Yujin and Fu Yaning was revealed.

Rather than explicitly say anything, Yujin decided to dance to “HELICOPTER” to show Fu Yaning what the original really looks like.

Fu Yaning nodded in reply.

After the performance, Yujin complimented the Chinese team for their power and energy. With a laugh, she didn’t miss the opportunity to compliment the song!

It was powerful and bursting with energy, and the song itself was great.

— Yujin

Source: Mnet

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