Korean Future Assets Firm Ranks The Global Power Of Each Group From SM Entertainment

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A capital asset company in South Korea, Mirae Asset Securities, recently released a market report based on the global performance of the artists under the Big 4 companies. This covered SM EntertainmentJYP EntertainmentHYBE, and YG Entertainment. HYBE scored the highest average across the four companies. More about their internal ranking can be read below.

Korean Future Assets Firm Ranks The Global Power Of Each Of HYBE Labels’ Groups

It is scored against 80 points total. The average across the Big 4 companies is 21 points, while SM Entertainment’s average is 21. The 80 points are divided into four categories that hold 20 points each. They are digital music, recognition, album sales, and live performances. The ranking excluded Girls’ Generation and the group’s soloists.

In first place is NCT 127 with 48 points. They scored the highest with album sales and recognition, at 17 and 15 points respectively. Their live performance points are not lagging, scoring 14 points. The group scored only 2 out of 20 points for digital music. They have not been very active overseas digitally.

NCT 127 | SM Entertainment

Overall, all of SM Entertainment’s groups scored low for digital music points. This is because they rarely release overseas singles. In second place is aespa, who scored 39 points. They pulled 12 and 13 points respectively with recognition and live performances. aespa has continuously been performing at festivals overseas, including Coachella 2023. NCT Dream came in third, having scored 35 points in total. With their high performance count globally, they were the highest in the company in that category at 16 points. NCT as a union scored 30 points, coming in fourth.

aespa | J-14

EXO ranks fifth with 17 points, and Red Velvet sixth with 20 points. EXO scored 15 points in recognition, making them the highest in the company alongside NCT 127 for that category. TXVQ! came in seventh place with 12 points. They were not scored for digital music as they do not have global releases. SuperM came in eighth place with 11 points. Next is SHINee with 9 points, and BoA with 8.


Rookie group RIIZE is ranked eleventh place with 7 points. They have yet to promote overseas, and cannot be ranked in the live performance category. WayV comes in next with 6 points, and TVXQ!’s Yunho ranked last with 5 points.

Ranking chart. | Mirae Asset Securities


Source: theqoo