“The Glory” Scriptwriter Confirms Viewer Theories About “Daddy” Ha Do Young’s True Feelings

Did he ever fall in love with Moon Dong Eun or no?

Following the much-anticipated premiere of The Glory Part 2, K-Drama fans remained divided on interpreting one of the more critical scenes involving the main characters Moon Dong Eun (actress Song Hye Kyo) and Ha Do Young (actor Jung Sung Il).

Dong Eun: You see, I had hoped that no one would stay by Yeon Jin’s side. Especially her husband.

Do Young: Why is that so?

Dong Eun: Because I think you’re Yeon Jin’s glory, Mr. Ha. I want you to be Yeon Jin’s ruin instead.

Do Young: Despite having such a plan, you weren’t very proactive. Not as aggressive as I imagined. I’m not going to leave Yeon Jin.

Dong Eun: Why?

Do Young: I don’t know. I don’t like saying I don’t know, but I still don’t know. I’ve only just realized that I’m not going to leave Yeon Jin. So, let’s meet again.

Fans were divided over this poignant conversation: Did Ha Do Young decide to stay with Yeon Jin because he still loves her? Or because that would be the only way to keep running into Dong Eun?

In the latest commentary, the scriptwriter Kim Eun Sook herself confirmed the fan theories about Ha Do Young’s true intentions behind the scene.

He tells her, ‘I don’t like saying I don’t know, but I still don’t know.’ I wanted that line to pack a lot of meaning.

— Kim Eun Sook

She explained that while in the moment of the scene, he “[doesn’t] know” for sure, he becomes certain of the fact that he developed romantic feelings for Moon Dong Eun—as he munches on an samgak gimbap (onigiri) that reminds him of her.

He knows that he is going to be of use to Dong Eun ONLY if he remains as Yeon Jin’s husband. If he leaves Yeon Jin, there’s no reason for him and Dong Eun to cross paths again. In the moment, he doesn’t know about his feelings—or he isn’t sure about them. But then, when he tries the samgak gimbap, he realizes for sure: ‘Oh, I must have had real feelings for that woman.’

He walks out of Dong Eun’s life as a gentleman, but remember that he’s still an as*hole who pushes Jae Jun off a construction site.

— Kim Eun Sook

For those who interpreted the scene as Kim intended, the confirmation came as closure. And for those who had different ideas about the scene, the confirmation added more depth to the understanding of the two characters. Regardless, Ha Do Young x Moon Dong Eun shippers can’t get enough of the two characters’ impossible-to-resist but impossible-to-pursue relationship!

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  • “I knew it! I love it! I would die for a ‘Season 2’ featuring a hot romance between Moon Dong Eun and Ha Do Young.”
  • “Great, so I followed the scriptwriter’s intentions to a T. Haha. I didn’t doubt for a second that he meant something else. It was kind of weird how some of the other viewers who interpreted the scene in a different light got defensive AF about Ha Do Young still having feelings for Yeon Jin.”
  • “I remember how divided the interpretations were. But considering the flow leading up to this scene, I thought Ha Do Young meant it as the scriptwriter intended. Having different interpretations come from different scenes is what makes K-Dramas fun!”
  • “Oh, Ha Do Young FOR SURE had adulterous feelings for Dong Eun. She attracted him with reasons that are the complete opposite of those he married Yeon Jin for. Besides, we knew that the character was meant to be a ‘nice as*hole.'”
| theqoo
  • “Considering how Kim Eun Sook develops her characters, I think it was obvious that Ha Do Young had romantic feelings for Moon Dong Eun. But before she confirmed, I believed that he meant it more like, ‘It is inevitable that we run into each other if the revenge on Yeon Jin isn’t going to stop.'”
  • “I think he loved both Yeon Jin and Dong Eun. I don’t think the character was built to be capable of leaving his wife of a decade for a new love interest that he found.”
  • “That’s what I thought.”
  • “I interpreted his entire comment as a combination of his understanding of  the fact that Dong Eun doesn’t need him for a reason other than her revenge on Yeon Jin, as well as his desire to keep his fam together for Ye Sol. Then, when it was all done and over with, he tries to understand Dong Eun’s POV as he eats the gimbap where she used to eat it all the time… Just to realize that what he felt was love.”

Watch the full clip here.

Source: theqoo

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