Actor Go Kyung Pyo Makes Hearts Flutter When He Tries To Console Girls’ Generation Seohyun’s Tears

Our hearts can’t handle this!

On November 5, JTBC released a behind the scenes video of Seohyun‘s popular drama Private Lives. It was in this reel that fans and viewers could see a heartwarming interaction between the two main leads.


Girls’ Generation member Seohyun and actor Go Kyung Pyo play the two main characters in JTBC drama Private Lives and it is gaining positive momentum by fans all around the world. Fans are in for a treat because a making-of video was just released and you can see the intense chemistry between the two leads.

The scene that the two actors are filming in this specific video can be hard to watch as Seohyun is seen crying and hitting Go Kyung Pyo while he tries to soothe her. But it wasn’t what Go Kyung Pyo did during the filming but what he did after that captured viewers’ hearts.

Every time the director yelled “cut”, Seohyun would immediately stop her acting but her tears would continue to flow. While she would try to calm herself down, it was Go Kyung Pyo’s kindhearted actions that stood out. He can be seen consoling her by patting her lovingly on the back and head. The incredibly sweet gestures that the actor showed when the cameras were off has everyone’s hearts fluttering.

You can watch the full behind-the-scenes video down below!

Don’t forget to catch the incredible chemistry between Seohyun and Go Kyung Pyo every Wednesday and Thursday in their hit JTBC drama Private Lives.

Source: Insight

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