Here’s Why “God God” Moon Hyung Wook Didn’t Take a Single Cent From the Nth Rooms’ Earnings

Unlike Cho Joo Bin, Moon Hyung Wook didn’t commit the horrific crimes for the money.

It’s been revealed that Moon Hyung Wook, A.K.A. “God God”, the creator of the Nth Rooms, where the culprits produced and circulated videos of sexual assault and torture of underage girls, didn’t take a single cent of the profits made from the crimes.

Following a recent investigation, the Gyeongbuk Provincial Police Agency stated,

All Moon Hyung Wook took as earnings from the Nth Rooms was 900,000 won (~730 USD) worth of gift vouchers.

– Gyeongbuk Provincial Police Agency

Moon Hyung Wook has been charged for producing and circulating sexual exploitation videos of underage girls from September 2018 to January of this year.


Although the police have secured 10 victims so far, Moon Hyung Wook testified that there are over 50 victims involved in the case.

The police stated,

As an entrance fee for the first room out of the 12 that he created, Moon Hyung Wook accepted 10,000 won (~$8 USD) per person in the form of gift vouchers, for a total of 900,000 won (~$730 USD). But out of worry that he could get arrested if he spent it, he handed it out to the victims.

– Gyeongbuk Provincial Police Agency

And Moon Hyung Wook’s true motive behind why he committed crimes, if not for the money, has been revealed by the police.

Moon Hyung Wook’s objective wasn’t the money. He committed the crimes for fun to satisfy his sexual taste.

– Gyeongbuk Provincial Police Agency

On the other hand, another main administrator of the Nth Rooms, Cho Joo Bin reportedly took home a total of 30 million won (~$25,000 USD) of profits made from the crimes.

Source: Dispatch

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