Gong Seung Yeon Reveals Her Honest Thoughts On Being Referred To As TWICE Jeongyeon’s Sister

She admits it’s been hard.

Actress Gong Seung Yeon recently sat down with Star Today for an interview to talk about her film, Aloners.

Actress Gong Seung Yeon | Varo Entertainment

The actress recently received the Best Actor award at the Jeonju International Film Festival for her portrayal as the expressionless female protagonist in the movie. Gong Seung Yeon talked about what this award meant to her and how it has propelled her desires for her career.

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I am extremely happy that I received an award. It feels like I’m starting over. I feel like I can restart my career as an actress with this [award] as a driving force. I’ve only been in the industry for 10 years so I’m not entirely sure, but it’s encouraging to receive an award that lets me know that I’m doing well. I will receive it with the intention of doing even better in my acting endeavors

— Gong Seung Yeon

The actress continued on with her interview by sharing the heartfelt reaction of one of her close friends.

I received a KakaoTalk message from one of my friends who I studied acting with. The message read, ‘I have always wanted to watch you on screen so I was really happy and proud when I was finally able to. I am grateful that you never gave up during your 10 years and that you persevered to where you are today. I cried throughout the entire movie.’

— Gong Seung Yeon

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While her achievements and accomplishments are impressive on their own, Gong Seung Yeon has been referred to as “TWICE Jeongyeon‘s sister” continuously. Their relationship gets mentioned without fail during all of her interviews and the actress has finally addressed her thoughts on how she has felt about it all.

Gong Seung Yeon (left) with TWICE’s Jeongyeon (right) | 0seungyeon/Instagram

In the beginning, I was happy to be Jeongyeon’s unnie. I thought, wow my little sister has grown so much and she has also been working hard. However, in all of my previous awards ceremonies, I always received questions about Jeongyeon and I definitely felt a bit bitter about it.

— Gong Seung Yeon

Gong Seung Yeon shared that while she was bitter in the beginning, she is over the negative feelings and now views it as a positive thing.

We’re both doing well now and I’m getting used to it. I think it’s [her and Jeongyeon’s relationship] now become a conversation starter so I don’t hate it.

— Gong Seung Yeon

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The actress debuted back in 2012, beginning her career by featuring in a commercial for a feminine hygiene brand. After her debut, Gong Seung Yeon began making appearances in Korean dramas with minor roles. She started to gain popularity after joining We Got Married, which further launched her career as an actress.

Since her debut, Gong Seung Yeon has been in many notable productions, such as My Only Love Song, Introvert Boss, Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency and more.

Poster for “My Only Love Song” | Netflix
Source: Star Today


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