Gong Yoo To Join Cast For Feminist Movie “Kim Ji Young, Born 1982”, Netizen Reaction Split

“Feminism sells. I understand Gong Yoo.”

Actor Gong Yoo will reportedly be joining the cast for the feminist novel-turned-movie Kim Ji Young, Born 1982 alongside Jung Yu Mi.


Kim Ji Young, Born 1982 tells the story of Kim Ji Young (played by Jung Yu Mi), an average woman in her 30’s, who starts taking on the persona of her mother and then a deceased friend.


Gong Yoo will be playing the character of Kim Ji Young’s husband, Jung Dae Hyun.


Having co-starred with Jung Yu Mi in the film Silenced and Train to Busan, Gong Yu will be reunited with the actress in their third movie together.

Gong Yoo and Jung Yu Mi in “Silenced”


Meanwhile, the novel Kim Ji Young, Born 1982 has been the center of controversy numerous times due to its feministic themes. Celebrities such as BTS’ RM, Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung, Red Velvet’s Irene and actress Park Shin Hye have previously been criticized for having read the book.

5 Celebs Who’ve Also Read The Feminist Book That Caused Irene’s Controversy


Jung Yu Mi was no exception either. As soon as it was reported that she would be starring in the upcoming film, netizens attacked her Instagram post for choosing to take on the role.

  • “Seriously please reject the role even now…I’m so disappointed noona…Your image will be ruined”
  • “I’ll make sure not to watch your movie!”
  • “Congratulations, you succeeded in ruining the image you created from Youn’s Kitchen! People will definitely boycott the movie…and I’ll boycott all the programs you come out on.”
  • “I’m seriously so disappointed…I was hoping it was just a rumor.”
  • “Yumi, no….”
  • “You were a feminist too…I’m getting the chills…”


With Gong Yoo now added to the cast, netizen reactions have been split between those who praise him for courageously taking on the role in the film and those who expressed their disappointment in the actor for his decision:

  • “It must’ve been hard for him to make a decision to star in a story about feminism as a male actor”
  • “Looks like he’ll gain a big anti-fan following”
  • “It’s surprising that such an influential actor would do this”
  • “I really liked Gong Yoo but appearing in a feminist movie? It’s too bad but I guess I’ll have no reason to see his works any longer”
  • “I’m still looking forward to Gong Yoo’s acting”
  • “Why would he appear on such a controversial work? Did Jung Yu Mi convince him or something?
  • “Goodbye, Gong Yoo”
  • “Feminism sells. I understand Gong Yoo.”
  • “I give him credit for accepting a work that most male actors would not easily take on. Seems like he studies a lot about social issues like in Silenced”
  • “Gong Yoo…why are you doing this, why thisㅠ Don’t get interested in feminism…ㅜㅜ I’m starting to lose interest”
Source: Star Today and Naver