Police File Arrest Warrant For Hara’s Ex-Boyfriend, More Updates On The Case 

The case continues.

Seoul Gangnam Police Station released a statement on the case against Goo Hara and her ex-boyfriend, Choi Jong Bum. 

Though initially accused of assault, he now faces additional charges for threatening Hara through blackmail.

“We applied for an arrest warrant on Choi Jongbum for threats, injuries and coercion on October 19. The district prosecutor’s office requested the courts for the warrant today.” 

— Seoul Gangnam Police

Goo Hara also provided evidence and accused her former boyfriend for violence, intimidation, sexual harassment and “revenge porn.”

According to the investigation, the police decided that there was no definite evidence of the video being intentionally spread, leading to Choi Jong Bum no longer being suspected of violating the Sexual Violence Act. 

However, they did consider the extend to which he had mistreated Goo Hara in the leaked video and judged it as a criminal act and not a simple assault. Other crimes such as sending Hara the video and forcing her to kneel down were thought to be blackmail, which were included as reasons for his arrest.

The courts are expected to release their decision for his arrest as soon as possible.

Source: YNA