Goo Hara’s Ex-Boyfriend Reveals Shocking Images Taken After Assault

He claims that he was the victim.

Goo Hara’s ex-boyfriend, Choi Jong Bum, has revealed shocking images of the aftermath of the assault that took place on September 13th.

Choi Jong Bum had accused Goo Hara of a one-sided assault whereas Koo Hara claimed that both sides were involved.


As to why he chose to reveal these photos, Choi Jong Bum stated that he believed the victim and offender have been switched since Goo Hara revealed that a sex tape was involved.


Choi Jong Bum’s attorney continued to explain how Choi Jong Bum was assaulted by Goo Hara:

“She directly attacked him and scratched his face. Then as he was trying to stop her, Goo Hara sustained some injuries as well. It is true that these were caused by Choi Jong Bum as Goo Hara claims. The couple’s quarrel began in the closet room of Goo Hara’s home and eventually led to a physical fight.” ㅡ Choi Jong Bum’s Attorney


Through his attorney, he explained in more detail about the sex tape and how he feels about the people who have been referring to it as a “revenge porn”.

“Although it is something that I (and Choi Jong Bum) must accept as part of our job, I hope that it would be based on facts. This is because the video was not filmed in secret. Revenge porn is when a man leaks a video to threaten a woman who wants to break up with him as revenge, but this is the exact opposite case. In relation to the video, it is in fact Choi Jong Bum who is the victim. It’s already been revealed through the video how it was filmed and it wasn’t Choi Jong Bum who led the filming of the video. He wasn’t trying to reveal the video, he simply wanted to get legal compensation for his injuries. In particular, when he told Koo Hara that since he’s a hairdresser he wouldn’t be able to see his customers with the injuries, Goo Hara didn’t have much of a response.” ㅡ Choi Jong Bum’s Attorney


In fact, Choi Jong Bum has recently responded to accusations of “revenge porn” but many netizens didn’t seem very convinced.

Koo Hara’s Ex-Boyfriend Responds To Accusations Of “Revenge Porn”


People have also been criticizing the hairdresser for his comment, “I’ll make sure to end your career as an entertainer.” Here’s what he had to say about that:

“The couple said some nasty things to each other at the time. However, the nasty things Koo Hara said were not mentioned and known. Koo Hara also did not hesitate to say things that were of the same level as that comment.” ㅡ Choi Jong Bum’s Attorney


Finally, Choi Jong Bum’s attorney also further explained what was happening in the CCTV footage, which allegedly showed Goo Hara kneeling before Choi Jong Bum in front of the elevator.

“The CCTV that shows Goo Hara kneeling in front of the elevator was taken at Goo Hara’s home. She was not kneeling. She simply dropped to the floor after the exhausting fight. Choi Jong Bum was inside the elevator at the time holding the door open. Choi Jong Bum did not order Goo Hara to kneel. The CCTV footage that shows Choi Jong Bum smoking was also simply another instance of the editing and release of a provacative scene.” ㅡ Choi Jong Bum’s Attorney

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