Goo Hara’s Brother Breaks Down In Tears After “Goo Hara Act” Fails To Pass

He wanted it to be the last gift for his late sister.

Goo Hara‘s older brother, Goo Ho In, had been fighting to pass the bill titled the “Goo Hara Act” since his sister passed away from suicide late last year. The act calls for parents who failed to properly protect and raise their children be ineligible of their inheritance. However, the assembly failed to make a decision and the bill will most likely be terminated.

Goo Ho In and his team who are fighting for the bill held a press conference to discuss the recent outcome. While discussing the bill, Goo Ho In broke down in tears as he recalled how much Hara had been hurt by their mother.

Our mom abandoned us when we were 9 and 11 years old. We never understood the word, ‘mom’. Hara may have looked strong on the outside, but she always had a hard time hurting on the inside and she sought out love.

My heart broke when I saw Hara like that.

— Goo Ho In

He explained how their mom showed no remorse for her past actions and only further committed inappropriate acts that disrespects Goo Hara. To this day, the only time their mom contacts him is when it’s to formally demand half of Hara’s wealth that she left behind.

Before she passed, my sister often expressed her sorrow towards our mom.

Despite our family members trying to stop her, our mom behaved inappropriately at the funeral, such as asking celebrities for photos together.

I was shocked soon after when she sent her lawyers demanding half of Hara’s property value. Even now, our mom has not contacted us.

— Goo Ho In

Goo Ho In shed more tears as he confessed that he felt he failed to gift Goo Hara a last gift. He sincerely hopes that the next assembly will be more considerate to unfortunate children like Goo Hara and pass the bill in the near future.

Even if the Goo Hara Act passes, it may not be eligible for our case. But I wanted to use our unfortunate experience to fight for other children like Hara who were abandoned by their parents at a young age.

The Goo Hara Act is the last gift I can give my late sister. The 20th assembly didn’t pass the bill but I sincerely hope that the 21st assembly will work to pass it.

— Goo Ho In

Goo Ho In also filed a lawsuit against their mom for her unreasonable claim to Goo Hara’s inheritance. The first trial is set to take place in July.

Source: Star News and isplus

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