Goo Hara’s Brother Reveals The True Relationship Between Their Mom And His Late Sister

He explained their complicated relationship in detail.

After announcing his plans to call to action for a law, titled the “Goo Hara Law“, Goo Hara‘s brother, Goo Ho In, sat down for an interview to discuss what caused him to fight for this legislation.

1. The “Goo Hara Law”

Hara’s brother wants to create this law to prevent anyone else from suffering what he had to go through with his mom after his sister’s early death. Their mom had abandoned the family when the siblings were just children, and had no contact whatsoever growing up. But she’s recently claimed inheritance over Goo Hara’s finances after her untimely death.

Through my petition for the new legislation, I want to prevent anyone else from suffering the injustice that I’m currently facing. My sister’s name is Goo Hara (which can also mean ‘Save It/Them’), so my lawyer and I decided to title it the ‘Goo Hara Law’, which is short for ‘Save the people suffering from injustice’.

In my case, our mother didn’t raise us at all but tried to take Goo Hara’s inheritance after her tragic news. I am very angry and saddened by it.

— Goo Ho In

2. The Legal Dispute Between Goo Hara’s Mom And Brother

Goo Ho In and his mother have not been in contact since Goo Hara’s funeral where the mom demanded money as soon as her coffin was carried out.

His mother and he had entered a legal dispute when the mom appointed her own legal representative.

A few days after the service, I was notified by my mom’s lawyer. The service was on November 27, 2019, but my sister had sold a property and the buyer was supposed to pay the sum and move in on November 29, 2019. But after my sister had passed away, there was no bank account to wire the money.

The money was supposed to go to her inheritor, so legally, my mom and I were going to receive a divided sum by 5:5. I had contacted my dad, gotten his permission and his paperwork, and handed it in. I tried calling my mom about 6~7 times, but she didn’t pick up. It seemed like she was avoiding my calls. So I handed over her contact information to the real estate agent, and they contacted my mom. My mom threw them a name card and told them to talk to them about everything.

I was dumbfounded after meeting with her lawyer.

— Goo Ho In

She claimed that as Goo Hara’s mother, she should receive 50% of the inheritance split. However, Goo Hara’s biological father has come out to flat out deny such an absurd request. He has also given his 50% share to Goo Hara’s brother.

Thankfully, Goo Hara’s father and brother were able to resolve it with their lawyer.

Yes, we put the deposit on the line. Her lawyer said let’s figure it out after receiving 5:5 of the funds. I don’t know the law very well so I consulted with a lawyer and solved the real estate issue well.

— Goo Ho In

Goo Ho In revealed that their mom tried to record the conversations they had during Goo Hara’s funeral. He’s enraged by her greed for money despite giving up her kids when they were just children.

I couldn’t believe that she tried to record the funeral on her phone.

She abandoned us when we were young, but now she’s suddenly come and claimed she’s entitled to an inheritance. She had given up on any relationship, but she suddenly appeared with her lawyer and claimed she was family. I’m just so angered by her actions.

— Goo Ho In

He has not been in direct contact with his mom since the funeral, but his dad continued to support and fight for him during the ongoing dispute.

Yes, [we haven’t been in contact and] I haven’t reached out myself. I deleted her phone number after the funeral.

My dad didn’t say much. He only said, ‘That’s not right’, when I told him about my mom’s behaviors. He told me, ‘I will support and push you on, so do your best.’

— Goo Ho In

3. Goo Hara’s Relationship With Her Mom

Goo Ho In went into details about Goo Hara’s relationship with their mom. Goo Hara was undergoing treatment for her depression when she decided to seek out her mom for the first time in 2 decades.

Just a couple of months later, she was caught up in a scandal with her ex-boyfriend who had assaulted her. Since her brother wasn’t her legal guardian, they had to contact their mom to come to the hospital where Hara was getting treated.

My sister sought them out in 2017. After her incident in 2018, she hadn’t met them or contacted them since.

At the time, my sister was taking pills for her depression and her body wasn’t doing well. Her doctor suggested “filling in the holes in her heart” and go visit our parents. She met them, and she even told me, “Go meet them before you get married.”

After she tried to die by suicide in 2018, I couldn’t act as her guardian so we had to contact our parents, and we all went to the hospital together.

— Goo Ho In

Goo Ho In and his mom got to talk for the first time in 20 years. He said it felt like he was talking to a random woman he met on the street.

Although she tried to make excuses for her actions in the past, she was not open to listening to how her actions caused a lifetime of suffering for her children.

We talked about the past for a bit. I was meeting someone that I hadn’t seen in 10 years – someone that I had resented all this time – so there wasn’t much for me to say.

There wasn’t anything special, and it was basically like meeting a random lady on the street. She told me how she and my dad fought, which led to her moving out of our house, but simply put – she abandoned us. So I didn’t even bother hearing her out.

[She didn’t acknowledge that she abandoned us]. At the end of it all, she had abandoned us and I had to grow up in a difficult situation while sleeping at a gas station and going to school. I grew up hating yet missing my mom, but whenever I try to talk to her now, she never tries to understand my side of the story.

— Goo Ho In

When Hara’s brother came into the hospital room with their mom, Hara demanded that she leave.

I entered the hospital room with our mom, but when my mom tried talking to her, she told her to leave. Hara asked me, ‘Why did you bring her here?’ I told her, ‘I couldn’t be your legal guardian, so I was forced to bring her.’ She responded, ‘I feel uncomfortable. Send her back to Gwangju.’

— Goo Ho In

4. How Goo Hara And Her Brother Grew Up Without Their Mom

Goo Ho In and Hara’s mom abandoned them when they were children. As their dad couldn’t take care of them on his own, they were forced to grow up under their paternal grandma and aunt.

Their dad worked away from home and sent them money from time to time. All the while, the children didn’t have any contact with their mom or their maternal family members.

As we said on broadcast, we had to grow up under our grandma and aunt. Our dad worked outside and sent financial support. That’s how we grew up. Our grandma raised us well practically, and our aunt raised me along with her younger children.

We didn’t have any contact with our mom’s side of the family. After our mom left us, we never saw her once. The first time I saw her since then was February of 2018, and my sister saw her around November 2017. I only met her because my sister told me to see her before I got married.

From what I understand, she never reached out to see Hara first.

— Goo Ho In

The only time they heard from their mom before 2017 was when Goo Ho In got a call from a stranger who demanded that he repay the money that their mom stole from him.

Instead, when I was in my early 20s, a man called me and said, ‘Your mom is _____, right? Your mom stole my money and ran away, so you need to pay me back.’ I got cursed out by him a lot. I told him that I don’t have a mom.

He didn’t contact me after that.

— Goo Ho In

5. The Mom’s Possible Future Plans

Goo Ho In is worried and cautious about their mom’s future plans regarding their legal dispute. He believes that their mom will use photos and messages between Hara and her to fabricate a false story to work in her advantage.

As Goo In Ho continues to fight against their mom, he is also busy trying to help raise awareness for the “Goo Hara Law”.

I don’t know how I should refute her claims. The most insulting part about when we met her was when she suddenly suggested that we all take a photo together. I felt suspicious so I said no, but she insisted so we took a photo together. But I was meeting her without my sister or dad knowing, so I told her not to upload it anywhere but she made it her profile photo.

My dad scolded me about it too. He said, ‘Why do you want to see someone who deserted you?’

I’m sure she asked Hara to take a photo with her too. I don’t know if she’s going to use those photos and her messages with my sister for her case, but I’m worried that she’s going to continue being fake about our family.

— Goo Ho In


May Hara protect her family from up above during the difficult times. May she also rest in peace.

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