Goo Hara’s Japanese Agency Releases First Statement Following Her Passing

Her Japanese agency has made their statement.

Goo Hara‘s Japanese Agency, Production Oki, has released their first statement following the news of her passing.

In their statement, they say that they are still trying to understand all of the facts, and how she seemed in good spirits during her appearance at Zepp Tokyo.

We are currently investigating the reports.

When she was carrying out her performance at Zepp Tokyo on November 19, she appeared to be in good health and did not show any unusual signs.

We plan on carrying out her funeral in a private session, but we must also consult with her family first.

— Production Oki


Goo Hara was confirmed to be found dead in her home in the early evening of November 24. Police are still investigating for the cause of death.

Police Confirm Goo Hara Was Discovered Dead In Her Home


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Source: Ilgan Sports

Goo Hara's Passing

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