Chef Gordon Ramsay And “Single’s Inferno” Star Song Ji A’s (Freezia) Are The Unexpected Duo We Didn’t Know We Needed

He also met tzuyang!

British Chef Gordon Ramsay and Single’s Inferno star Song Ji A (also known as Freezia) recently met!

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Song Ji A | @dear.zia/Instagram

On November 10, celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay arrived in Seoul, South Korea, and he visited his new hamburger restaurant at the Lotte Tower in Jamsil. It is the first burger shop opened by his brand in Asia.

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While promoting his restaurants, Chef Gordon Ramsay met with several Korean celebrities during his three-day trip. Eagle-eyed fans noticed none other than NCT‘s Johnny and aespa‘s Giselle in his recent Instagram Reels. He also opened an all-you-can-eat pizza restaurant at SM Entertainment‘s new flagship store, KWANGYA@SEOUL.

Song Ji A also went to Ramsay’s pizza restaurant. Recently, she uploaded a vlog documenting her experience.

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She revealed that she’s low-key a fan of his. Ji A shared that when she traveled abroad, she had waited for an hour just to eat a Gordon Ramsay burger.


So, she was excited to try the pizza. But Gordon Ramsay himself even made a special appearance in her vlog!


They briefly spoke with help from a translator, and he complimented her manicure! They also made sure to grab a picture.


Netizens were shook by the unexpected duo. While they’re both reality TV superstars, we still never expected to see them together.


I was giggling the while time this is so nice 🤭 #songjia #freezia #gordonramsay #Pizza #Nails

♬ original sound – 🐢

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ASMR and mukbang YouTuber tzuyang also visited Gordon Ramsay at the pizza restaurant.

Still, Ramsay’s Korea trip is not without controversy. Despite already having controversies about his restaurant potentially overcharging customers, Ramsay received even more criticism after asking Korean police to increase security during his subway commute. Read about it below.

Chef Gordon Ramsay Criticized For Asking The Korean Police For Added Security During His Subway Commute

Watch Song Ji A’s vlog below.

Source: Freezia
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