GOT7 Mark And BamBam’s Matching “7” Tattoos Earn Mixed Reactions From Netizens

What do you think of their new ink?

GOT7‘s BamBam and Mark recently debuted new tattoos but have gotten mixed reactions from netizens over the design and meaning.

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GOT7’s members are just some of the many K-Pop idols with tattoos, with five of the seven members having some ink on their bodies. Mark and BamBam are the two members that seem to enjoy getting designs on their bodies, often sharing with fans their different ideas.

Some of BamBam’s tattoos.

Recently, Mark and BamBam revealed their latest tattoos in a series of Instagram posts. In the first photo shared by BamBam, the two are facing backward, with their newest ink, the number “7,” displayed on their shoulder blades.

Mark also shared photos of their tattoos and an individual shot with the caption, “Who’s next?

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Fans immediately loved the tattoos as a new way for the group to show their bond.

After fans shared the images online, some netizens were not fans of the idea.

Last year, it was revealed that each member of BTS got friendship tattoos of the number “7” in different places on their bodies. Some think that GOT7’s tattoos are too closely related to the ones the BTS members have, saying that the “7” holds a special meaning for the group.

6/7 of BTS revealing their “7” tattoos.

Others state that it is a number, and GOT7 also has seven members in the group, so it makes sense they would get it tattooed.

Some even referenced that Jungkook, Mark, and Yugyeom share the same “truth” tattoo on their inner arms, and Yugyeom, Jungkook, and BamBam have 97-line tattoos. The groups have also maintained friendships with each over the years.

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GOT7 previously had friendship necklaces made in 2017, when the slogan “seven or never” was popularized for the group due to some members not feeling comfortable with tattoos at the time.

What do you think of BamBam and Mark’s tattoos? You can check out more idols with matching tattoos below!

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