GOT7’s BamBam Gives His Honest Thoughts And Feelings About Promoting At The Same Time As BTS’s Jimin

Many artists probably feel the same way!

GOT7‘s BamBam recently made his comeback with Sour & Sweet — his first full album as a solo artist.

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As part of his promotions before its release, BamBam appeared on Yongjin’s Health Center where the star talked about several things, including his honest reactions and thoughts about releasing music at the same time as BTS‘s Jimin.


During the first few minutes of the episode, BamBam lets the two hosts listen to his lead track, “Sour & Sweet.” The pair give him good feedback, saying it has a “California” vibe.

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They then ask if the song has a point dance which BamBam shows them.

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While doing this, Yongjin says that he doesn’t know if it’s good or bad news but reminds BamBam that Jimin will release his solo album around the same time. BamBam says he knows and hilariously slides down the couch as he sighs.

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Jimin’s album Face was released on March 24, while BamBam’s came out on March 28, meaning they would promote simultaneously. This also means they would be nominated for the same music shows and on the same charts.

BamBam says he looked into timing his comeback, but broadcasting schedules delayed it until March. He then says that Jimin “suddenly came” out and sighs again, earning laughs from the staff.

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The GOT7 member perks up in an almost comedic way immediately after and says that it is fine and that he doesn’t “have the desire to be first in ranking.” He even looks on the bright side of things, saying that more people would probably end up listening to his song because of it.

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Back in 2017, an industry representative revealed that companies would plan releases to avoid competing with BTS due to their popularity. Since then, BTS’s popularity has only grown, making it hard for artists to compete with them.

Other companies are paying close attention to BTS’s album release date, and some singers are trying to actively avoid them.

— Industry Representative

Members of GOT7 and BTS have always been friends with each other, so hopefully, we will get some content from the pair during their comeback cycle!

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