GOT7’s BamBam Can’t Handle Jay B’s Cuteness On TikTok

Jay B finally returned to TikTok!

One thing is for certain GOT7 love teasing each other…

From left: Youngjae, BamBam, and Jay B.

Especially GOT7’s “Tom and Jerry,” Jay B and BamBam.

BamBam really enjoys having fun with Jay B, and he doesn’t let distance stop him. He utilizes social media to the best of his abilities!

Recently, Jay B returned to TikTok to participate in a recent dance trend for Nej‘s “Paro.”


#JAYB #제이비 #카덴차 #CDNZA #알로알로 #알로알로챌린지 #알로알로🤙🏻🤙🏻

♬ Paro – Speed Up – Nej

He had previously joined TikTok at the end of May for GOT7’s comeback. The below video was his first and last upload, though.



♬ 오리지널 사운드 – JAY B – JAY B

That is until now. And Ahgases (also known as iGOT7, GOT7’s fandom) are hoping this is the beginning of his TikTok era. While we all were loving Jay B’s charms and found the video so cute…

| @jaybnow.hr16/TikTok


BamBam felt differently. Jay B must have just been too cute! So, he responded to an Ahgase’s repost of Jay B’s TikTok with a GIF of a cat gagging.

We know you actually love it too, BamBam!