GOT7’s BamBam Confesses That He Was Going To Retire—Here’s Why He Didn’t

He got vulnerable in his interview with Eric Nam.

GOT7‘s BamBam confessed he was going to retire.

GOT7’s BamBam

Since GOT7 left JYP Entertainment, all the members have been very busy. BamBam has released two EPs, B and riBBon, and recently album Sour & Sweet. 

| ABYSS Company
ABYSS Company
ABYSS Company

He also became the Global Ambassador for his favorite NBA team, the Golden State Warriors. BamBam even released the song “Wheels Up,” featuring Mayzin, for the team, performing it at one of their halftime shows, making history as the first K-Pop idol to do so.

BamBam also frequently appears on radio and television shows. Recently, he was on EXchange (also known as Transit Love 2), Master in the House 2, and is now on Business Genius, CEO Baek.

“Business Genius, CEO Baek” poster

Despite this, BamBam recently revealed he had considered retiring.

BamBam is the latest guest on DIVE Studios‘ podcast Daebak Show w/ Eric Nam

In the interview, BamBam shocked Eric Nam by confessing that he was going to retire after his contract with JYP Entertainment ended.

| DIVE Studios/YouTube

BamBam: When I finished contracts with JYPE, I was gonna retire.

Eric Nam: You were going to retire?! Really? Why?

BamBam felt that his work was “not fair.” He explained that although he and his members work very hard on the music, the results aren’t always great.

I know I work really hard. I know all the GOT7 members, we work really hard. And I also know a lot of my friends, they been through different things than I felt before. We work so hard. We stay in the studio all day and nights. We just keep making music and sometimes the result is not too good…

— BamBam

DIVE Studios/YouTube

At the time, BamBam struggled with feelings of hopelessness. So, he wanted to give up.

I just feel so hopeless. So I was like, ‘I have a big dreams but if I can’t reach that dream then…’ I’m slowly giving up at that time. You know, I’m the one who always told fan(s) not to give up and keep going and everything, but that time, it’s really hard for me.

— BamBam

DIVE Studios/YouTube

Before joining ABYSS Company, BamBam was not accepting offers. Instead, he thought about going back home to Thailand.

All the members, we all go to different company, which I have a lot of love call, but I say ‘no’ to every company… So, I was prepared to … go back.

— BamBam

DIVE Studios/YouTube

ABYSS Company’s persistence and message to him touched his heart to consider finally. They promised to make him famous in Korea.

One company, ABYSS Company, they call me like five times. I keep saying ‘no,’ but the last call, they was like, ‘Bam … you might be famous in your country, you might be famous in another country, but you know you’re not so famous in Korea right now. So, we want to make you famous in Korea.’ …They just like hit a little spot … in my heart…

— BamBam

DIVE Studios/YouTube

BamBam vulnerably communicated that he always felt like, despite GOT7’s best efforts, they were unable to become very popular in Korea. So, ABYSS Company’s proposal meant a lot to him.

I feel like GOT7, we pour a lot of oil all around the world and Korea is the place we have to like light it up so it’s all spread everywhere. …In Korea, we tried so hard, but it never happened.

— BamBam

DIVE Studios/YouTube

Previously, BamBam shared on Transit Love that he considered “quitting and going back to Thailand” after his contract ended. He credited the show for opening a path for him to “future Korean activities.” He also shared similar sentiments during his recent showcase.

When my contract with JYPE ended, I was going to quit. I was thinking of just quitting and going back to Thailand. Since I debuted in Korea, I wanted to succeed here and I think Transit Love just opened that path for me. Though Transit Love for my future Korean activities, for real, now I have a little but more courage.

— BamBam

Likewise, BamBam’s fellow GOT7 member Mark Tuan revealed he nearly quit music. Read more below.

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Watch BamBam’s full interview with Eric Nam below.

Source: DIVE Studios


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