GOT7’s BamBam Shares How TWICE’s Nayeon Reacted To His Childhood Crush On Her

He called to apologize.

Following the release of his first full-length album, Sour & SweetGOT7 member BamBam has been appearing on a wide range of shows to promote as a solo artist. His most recent stop was MBC FM4U’s show Kim Shin Young’s Noon Song of Hope.

The April 5 episode of the show featured Ko Young Bae as a special DJ and BamBam as the guest. During the interview, the GOT7 maknae touched upon many subjects, from his blooming career in entertainment programs to his deep involvement with his new album as a songwriter, composer, and more. But the conversation took an interesting turn when Ko Young Bae asked him to choose between Girls Generation’s Taeyeon and TWICE’s Nayeon for his dream collaboration.

The weightage of this question is not like your usual balance game. For those who might not know, BamBam is a dedicated fanboy of Taeyeon and even mentioned her as the idol who inspired him to debut.

GOT7’s BamBam Shares How “The Love Of His Life” Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon Inspired Him To Debut

On the other hand, Nayeon is a beloved sunbae whom he has known from close quarters during his time at JYP Entertainment. Plus, recently, he admitted that she used to be his past crush when he himself was a very young trainee.

GOT7’s BamBam Admits To Having Had A Crush On A TWICE Member

So, essentially, this choice was a little trickier than the others for him. But between his idol and his ex-crush, BamBam chose the former while grinning widely. He later explained, “Nayeon noona is like an old friend, while Taeyeon is like a god to me.”

He then briefly touched upon his recent confession about his past feelings for Nayeon. He said that during his show BamBam House, the atmosphere is very casual, where he drinks and talks about various things. BamBam then mentioned that he recently contacted the TWICE member personally to apologize, and she was actually pretty chill about the whole thing.

I contacted her to say sorry. She said it was fun and it didn’t matter to her. Now I don’t want to mention her without permission.


The fact that Nayeon took things sportingly and BamBam still showed gentlemanly manners by declaring he won’t be bringing her up anymore without her permission only goes to show how well-adjusted individuals both idols are. Maybe a future episode of BamBam’s House featuring Nayeon could be the ultimate cherry to top off this epic cake!

Source: MBC Radio
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