GOT7 Announce 2022 FANCON “HOMECOMING With I GOT 7”

The event will be offline and online!

GOT7 are coming back with a new EP, look, and events for Ahgases (also known as iGOT7)!

New GOT7 logo. | @GOT7/Twitter

Recently, GOT7 officially returned with a rebranding and the launch of new social media accounts. Additionally, they shared a first teaser, exciting Ahgases.

Yesterday, GOT7 announced that their new EP would be self-titled. It releases on May 25.

Leader Jay B has given mixed messages regarding the group’s comeback, giving mystery. He implied that it might be impossible for all seven members’ schedules to align for promotions.

This was a secret but an article came out that our album is coming out. A lot of people are expecting to see us, but because of our schedules, it may be hard to meet you on broadcasts.

— Jay B via @limelightahgase/Twitter

Jay B | @stationz89.1/Instagram

Yet, more and more announcements are being made regarding a full group comeback. The latest is a fancon.

Today, GOT7 announced 2022 FANCON HOMECOMING with I GOT 7 via social media. It will be held at South Korea Olympic Handball Gymnasium in Seoul on Saturday, May 21, at 6 PM (KST) and Sunday, May 22, at 4 PM (KST).

It is the same venue as GOT7’s first concert, FLY IN SEOUL, which was April 29-30, 2016. So, it feels extra special.

Ahgases have suspected that GOT7 might have an event as BamBam once encouraged them to travel to South Korea. However, he said to do so in June. Might there be more to come?

BamBam | @BamBam1A/Twitter

2022 FANCON HOMECOMING with I GOT 7 will occur over two days. The first day, May 21, will be entirely offline. The second day, May 22, will be available for Ahgases to attend in-person and virtually. Ahgases can attend through KAVECON, TTM, or Melon Ticket.

Ahgases couldn’t be more excited about the news. All seven members and Ahgases will finally be reunited!

The GOT7 members, too, are very excited! Everyone has been sharing updates on their own social media accounts as well.

| @jacksonwang852g7/Instagram

Previously, an industry insider via Joy News24 announced that GOT7 will be making their comeback as a full group in May and have recently started preparing for their promotions. Much to Ahgases’ delight, it was later confirmed by BamBam. This will mark GOT7’s first group release in 14 months, as the group released their song “Encore” in February 2021.

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