GOT7’s Jackson Opens Up About The Importance Of Teamwork

Jackson dove deep into the topic of teams in the latest clip from ADIDAS:

After ADIDAS released their promotional video for their newest campaign, Change Is A Team Sport, on January 26 they’ve been introducing each of their latest superstar team members through individual clips. The latest member to be officially introduced was GOT7‘s Jackson.

On January 30, ADIDAS tweeted an introduction for Jackson announcing him as a proud member of their superstar team along with an inspiring team-themed quote, “I think if we are together, the chances of making it are greater.” Along with the introduction and quote, they also dropped a video in which Jackson dove deep into the topic of teams and what they truly mean to him.

For Jackson, a team isn’t just something important, it’s something essential. He began by explaining that no matter how strong an individual is alone, everyone still needs a team.

Team to me is like, no matter how smart you are as an individual, no matter how creative you are, you need a whole team.

— Jackson

Jackson went on to talk about the power that comes with partnering your individual strengths with those of your teammates.

The team’s power is always bigger than an individual.

— Jackson

Teams truly are a powerful thing! Watch Jackson’s video below: