GOT7’s Jackson Wang Steals The Show And Wins Annual Musical Artist Award At Esquire’s 25th Anniversary Gentle Gala

It’s official—he’s artist of the year!

GOT7‘s Jackson Wang attended Esquire‘s 25th Anniversary Gentle Gala on January 5 in Beijing, China.

GOT7’s Jackson Wang

And, he was proving to be the duality king as he stole the show. Jackson always looks equally hot and cute!

As always, he’s the Fendi man! Just look at him in this galaxy suit from Fendi’s Menswear Couture Fall 2021.

That’s not all. Jackson went home with a special award. He was awarded the Annual Musical Artist Award, making him the artist of the year.

Upon accepting the award, he promised to work even harder in the new year, although we’re not sure how Jackson can top 2021! He also concluded with a sincere “thank you” to everyone.

His own company, TEAM WANG, congratulated him on social media. Additionally, they shared a celebratory photoshoot of Jackson!

Jackson himself took to social media to share a personal “thank you.” Again, he promised to “work hard to become the best form of me.”

Even in his busy schedule, he remembered the GOT7 leader Jay B‘s birthday! So, he recorded a special video message to wish him a happy birthday, and it’s unbelievably heartwarming.

Happy birthday to our Jay B hyung! Wow, time flies fast, and you’re already 30. I’ll be 30 next year too. 10 years really flew by with our team… Oh… This  turned kind of mellow all of a sudden.. Anyway, happy birthday, be happy! As a younger brother, I wish to say take care of your health so that it’s possible to go on for a long, long time. I’m always thinking of hyung, I hope you don’t forget that we will always be supporting hyung! To be honest, I’m also fearful because hyung has turned 30 and while I’m congratulating you, I’m also anxious and fearful because we spent our 10’s and 20’s together. To conclude, I’ve been thinking that life is all about finding happiness because everyone’ standard of happiness is different. I love you a lot, I hope you truly know that! It’s been so long since we’re met. Happy birthday! Eat lots of cake, don’t be thinking about losing weight. I also gained a lot of weight lately; I gained 7kg. Be happy, eat lots, have parties, and have a drink too. It’ll be nice to spend a great time with people you love, and it’ll be nicer if I was with you too. Jay B, my dear leader-nim, happy birthday, and we love you!

— Jackson Wang to Jay B

As always, Jackson makes Ahgases and JACKYs so proud! He is so deserving of such a prestigious award.

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