GOT7’s Jackson Wang Steals The Hearts Of Rhett And Link’s “Good Mythical Morning” Crew

Who doesn’t love Jackson?

GOT7‘s Jackson Wang recently guested on YouTubers Rhett and Link‘s popular show Good Mythical Morning as they tried street foods from around the world.

From left: Rhett, Jackson Wang, and Link. | @Mythical/Twitter

As with anything, Jackson immediately won the hearts of the entire crew. Yet, there is one, in particular, he didn’t even have to try to.

Rhett and Link asked Kalyn to bring out the first dish to try and soon exposed her to be a fan of his. She tried to play it cool, but Jackson immediately stood up, hugged her, and prepared to leave the set with her to hang out.

Ahgases (GOT7 fans, also known as iGOT7) were absolutely shook! Talk about Kalyn living that Y/N life.

After the episode was released, Kalyn tweeted a clip, subtly fangirling.

And she also answered a couple of curious fan questions about Jackson. He really is exactly like we expect him to be IRL!

Not only that, but she confirmed that he smells amazing. No surprise there!

She was not the only one on set low-key freaking out over Jackson. The Key Set PA also reiterated that he is not only super nice but smells amazing. Apparently, everyone on set was simping over him.

And not just the ladies were. Rhett and Link were also treated very kindly by Jackson. During the episode, he gave them his jacket and also wiped Rhett’s face!

This wouldn’t be the first time Jackson guested on an American show and stole everyone’s hearts. Previously, American actors Jake Johnson and Natasha Leggero loved him so much they wanted to adopt him after meeting on American singer-songwriter Kelly Clarkson‘s NBC daytime show The Kelly Clarkson Show. 

American Actors Jake Johnson And Natasha Leggero Prove To Be “Proud Parents” Of GOT7’s Jackson Wang

Time and time again, Jackson goes above and beyond, proving he is the standard, whether taking care of his staff, hugging fans, or throwing the best parties. It’s no wonder everyone falls in love with him!

Watch the full episode of Good Mythical Morning with Jackson below.

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