GOT7’s Jackson Wang Throws Huge Party With Thai Actors James Su, NuNew, Zee, Boun, Prem, And Brightnorr

The Jackson of our fanfictions has come to life!

GOT7‘s Jackson Wang has a reputation for being a social butterfly, and for good reason!

GOT7’s Jackson Wang | @JacksonWang852/Twitter

He is both sociable and gentlemanly.

So, naturally, everyone, including fellow celebrities, flocks to him.

It’s no wonder he has been dubbed the official fanfiction party thrower!

Sure enough, you can expect to see him at star-studded parties. Recently, he attended Swae Lee‘s birthday party, hanging out with him, Drake, and more.

GOT7’s Jackson Wang Parties With Drake, Swae Lee, King Bach, And More

Now, while he is in Thailand, he is partying it up with some Thai celebs.

Jackson Wang held his TEAM WANG “Mudance” launch party in Thailand, inviting many of our favorite Thai stars.

From BLACKPINK Lisa‘s friends…

…to BL actors Boun (also known as Noppanut Guntachai), Prem (also known as Warut Chawalitrujiwong), Zee (also known as Pruk Panich), and NuNew (also known as Chawarin Perdpiriyawong).

Tytan Teepprasan and James Su (Supamongkol Wongwisut) were also there!

James was a whole mode when meeting Jackson, honestly.

Yet, Jackson showcased true friendship and chemistry with one actor, in particular, Brightnorr.

Bright Norraphat Vilaiphan (also known as Brightnorr) is a Thai actor and model. He is known for dramas by The One Enterprise or One 31.

Brightnorr posted videos of him and Jackson on Instagram Stories at the party. Apparently, they go way back!

Brightnorr (left) and Jackson Wang (right). | @brightnorr/Instagram

Long time no see bro

— Brightnorr

However, one moment that has fans absolutely shook is their drinking together!

You’ve heard of “couple shots.” Well, Jackson just straight up had Brightnorr from the bottle.

So, it turns out the Jackson Wang from our fanfictions may actually be real!

Still, it should be no surprise all the Thai actors showed out for Jackson’s party, considering many are fanboys of his! Read more below:

This Thai Actor Became A Fansite For GOT7’s Jackson Wang

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