The Global Head Of Creative For E-Sports At Riot Games Spills On What It’s Like To Work With GOT7’s Jackson Wang

Everyone who works with him only has praises to sing.

GOT7‘s Jackson Wang will perform at the Opening Ceremony of the League of Legends 2022 World Championship today, November 5, and the ceremony starts at 5 PM PT. He’ll be performing his new song, “Fire to the Fuse,” which reflects the story of Empyrean Pyke, and it’s guaranteed to be a performance of a lifetime.

Carrie Dunn, the Global Head of Creative for E-Sports at Riot Games, is in charge of everything creativity-wise for the company, including the 2022 Worlds Opening Ceremony.


In all her years of working, one of her favorite memories is a rather recent one.

One of my favorite memories thus far has been working with Jackson Wang and the way he brought such dedication to the show.

— Carrie Dunn

Working with Jackson was such a wonderful experience for her because she got to see firsthand how respectful and kind the artist was.

There was a day when he wasn’t even scheduled to rehearse but he asked to come by to meet the dancers and the choreographers and see how things were going.

— Carrie Dunn

Jackson’s passion and insane work ethic can’t be hidden, and through his actions, he encouraged those around him and was able to befriend and become a part of the team easily.

He came in, said hello, and within 30 seconds he was actively doing the choreography with the dancers. He went on to rehearse for hours.

— Carrie Dunn

His deep dedication to his performance especially touched Carrie Dunn because it reflected her own love and commitment to creating this marvelous stage.

I think that just shows really the spirit of everyone who works on the opening ceremony. We just want to give it our all, to make it as good as can be.

— Carrie Dunn

No matter who he works with, Jackson consistently earns praise for his incredible work ethic and loving personality. Thanks to his neverending drive to be the best he can be, fans are always greeted with outstanding performances. His stage at the Worlds 2022 will be no different.

You can read about his spoilers for his performance here:

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