GOT7’s Jackson Wang Reveals He’s Not Sleeping Because He’s Working On 20+ Songs

The grind never stops!

GOT7‘s Jackson Wang has been working non-stop on music this entire year, and it looks like there’s no rest for him anytime soon.

GOT7’s Jackson Wang | Marie Claire

Recently, Jackson posted a quick behind-the-scenes clip of the filming for his live performance video of “Drive You Home.” It left many Ahgases in anticipation.

A couple of hours later, he posted another update. He revealed that he is working so hard on new music that he is unable to sleep. Having over 20+ songs in progress, he said there are “too many songs.” In March, he teased fans by saying that he had plans to release 40 songs this year.

Im not sleeping , im dealing with the mix for songs , too many songs. 20+ songs ,,, each one by one …

— Jackson Wang

Despite tirelessly working nonstop, he assured fans that he’s “good” and encouraged them to get some rest.

but im good, go to bed everyone, sleep tight and i miss u all

— Jackson Wang

Shortly after, he shared one more update for the night to say that he is not sleeping yet. The grind never stops!

Jackson’s work ethic is truly like no other! We just hope he takes care of himself in the process.

Check out his live performance video of “Drive You Home” below:

Source: @JacksonWang852