GOT7’s Jackson Wang Plans On Getting Married In The Next Few Years But Has One Huge Obstacle

Whoever marries Jackson is one lucky person!

GOT7‘s Jackson Wang was recently in Thailand for the opening of his Magic Man world tour, where he performed 3 nights of concerts in Bangkok.

GOT7’s Jackson Wang | @JacksonWang852/Twitter
| @JacksonWang852/Twitter

During his time in the country, Jackson participated in a special interview with the popular WOODY FM radio show. He discussed various topics in front of a live audience, including revealing when his last relationship was and where he sees himself in the next few years family-wise.

While talking about love with host WOODY, Jackson admits that he wants to be married before he turns 35 years old. Jackson is currently 28, meaning that he has a decent amount of time before then! .

Jackson also admits that there might be a time in the future after he meets his wife, he will put his “family first.”

Maybe one day I meet my future wife, and then I think it’s going to be family first.

— Jackson Wang

While these are completely healthy thoughts that all fans should get behind, Jackson may have one obstacle when it comes to finding his future wife and starting his family.

When WOODY later asks in the interview if Jackson is dating someone currently, he answers with a resounding no, as well as if anyone has approached him or if he has reached out to anyone.

WOODY: Have you been approached by someone?

Jackson: You mean like confessed?

WOODY: Like, has someone hit on you? Has someone asked you out?

Jackson: No.

WOODY: Have you asked someone out?

Jackson: No.

While Jackson may want to be married in a short amount of time, it seems like he has difficulties even getting a date because of how busy he is! 

 I would say, “Oh, this is a very gorgeous lady,” and then we start talking. […] And then after 2 minutes, it’s like “Oh, bye.” You get me? It’s always too short to connect and it’s like “Hey, what are you doing, whats your plan for the following week” and then [I’m like] “Oh yeah, I’m flying out tomorrow.” So it’s really hard to bond. 

— Jackson Wang

While he might have problems finding dates now, Jackson will be a catch for whoever he chooses in the future!