How GOT7’s Jackson Wang Sees Himself In 10 Years Reveals His True Personality

He’s definitely a family guy!

GOT7‘s Jackson Wang revealed how he envisions himself in ten years.

GOT7’s Jackson Wang | @GOT7/Twitter

Recently, Jackson guested on DIVE Studios‘ podcast Daebak Show w/ Eric Nam. During Part 1 of Season 2, Episode 5, he and his friend (and host) Eric Nam played a casual drinking game in which they sampled different drinks while answering questions.

One question asked, “What message would you tell yourself for 10 years from now?” Jackson wasn’t sure if the message was from him in the future to himself now or the other way around. So, Eric clarified that it’s what he would like to tell his future self.

Jackson replied that he would tell himself in the future, “I hope you’re still alive, man!” Mental and physical health is his priority.

I hope you’re still alive, man! You get me? Be healthy! …Have a positive mindset.

— Jackson Wang

But he is envisioning a future filled with loved ones, too, and not only his parents, whom he has been spending much more time with lately. Jackson revealed he hopes to be married by then.

And, you know, spend more time with your loved ones… 10 years? I think I’ll get married already, yeah.

— Jackson Wang

Eric summed up Jackson’s response, but Jackson corrected him, specifying that he didn’t want to get married in 10 years. He actually hopes to be married before then.

Eric Nam: Your answer was positive mindset, be healthy, and… Get married? Was that it?

Jackson Wang: No, no. Not get married. I think that guy will be married already…

Starting his own family is definitely on Jackson’s mind these days. Earlier this year, he specifically spoke about potential fatherhood. So, family is very important to him.

Honestly, for me personally, I want to see my kids longer. And I want to be best friends with them. Because I don’t want to be like… I want to club with my kids, you know what I mean?

— Jackson Wang

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Watch Jackson’s full episode of Daebak Show w/ Eric Nam below.

Source: DIVE Studios

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