Is GOT7’s Jackson Wang Victim Of A Smear Campaign? He Reacts To His MV Being Leaked

His MV being leaked is not all…

GOT7 Jackson Wang‘s new MV was leaked ahead of its release.

Jackson Wang

Today, Jackson released his MV for “Come Alive.” This song is track #6 on his solo album MAGIC MAN. 

As always, Jackson delivered a cinematic masterpiece! He and his team worked very hard on it, and he both wrote and directed the music video in addition to starring in it. So, it was especially concerning that netizens spread a leaked version of the MV ahead of its official release.

I know you’re in a hurry! But don’t be!

— Original Post

On the Chinese microblogging website Weibo, Jackson’s “Come Alive” MV was spreading like wildfire. While some netizens were genuinely excited to see his MV, there appeared to be malicious intent behind the OP (Original Post).

Netizen 1: Jackson Wang’s MV! Is this unreleased?

Netizen 2: This oppa has totally let himself go

Netizen 3: I must’ve done something good in my previous life to be able to see this MV early! Jackson Wang’s awesome[the fourth screenshot shows the profile of the account that made the post in the fifth screenshot? not sure what for]

Netizen 4: I really can’t hold back anymore, I want to share the full version of this MV! It’s so awesome! I love it so much. I’ll delete it if it’s not appropriate to share

Netizen 5: The MV that Jackson Wang said would be released tomorrow…did it come out early?

Netizen 6: It seems like Jackson Wang’s new MV is very [i need context to properly translate this one – the word used can mean that it’s very sexual, or that it’s very revealing? it could potentially mean other things too].

Netizen 7: Is this the unfinished version?

Netizen 8: Jackson Wang’s MV! Is this unreleased?

Netizen 9: Netizens’ reactions to Jackson Wang’s MV, what do you all think?

After the MV and screenshots circulated on Weibo, Jackson tweeted a cryptic message on Twitter. He wrote “speechless” along with “Sigh” with the film slate and film reel emojis that appeared to be in reference to the music video.

Once the MV was officially released, Jackson said it would be the “last video” he would do for “a while.” He has already released a couple of music videos this year, so it might be unrelated. Still, considering the recent incident, one cannot help but wonder if there is a correlation.

The MV leak wouldn’t be the first time that Weibo users targeted Jackson with ill intentions. Since his 2022-2023 Magic Man World Tour kicked off in Bangkok, Thailand, netizens have criticized everything from his stage makeup to even his onstage drinking (he is an official ambassador for Hennessy). And while international netizens have been loving his fan service, bringing Ahgases and Jackys on stage, they also found reason there to blast him.

Netizen 1: This is Jackson Wang’s stage? Can fans actually accept this?

Netizen 2: What happened to you, Jackson Wang

Netizen 3: Jackson Wang’s concert in Thailand was so weird
His actions were abnormal, and his makeup too
And it seems like Jackson Wang totally let himself go
He downed drinks while on stage….

Netizen 4: How do you feel about Jackson Wang’s interactions with fans at his concert

Netizen 5: He’s really suitable to promote in Thailand

Netizen 6: Jackson Wang’s overseas concert is so wild. No…what’s up with him?

It seems that Jackson has become a victim of a smear campaign. His fans are exposing “Yxh” (also known as “water armies”), people that influential people pay to create smear campaigns against a celebrity/artist. They can do this on Weibo by creating multiple accounts, posing as general netizens, tricking the real general public. Additionally, Yxh purchase “hot searches” to trend the topic. So, true netizens will not only believe them but be influenced by them.

Jackson has been transparent this year about struggling with depression and suffering a breakdown. He has frequently expressed the desire to be “better,” and even on his recent appearance on DIVE Studios‘ podcast Daebak Show w/ Eric Nam, he explained that he felt bad for years, thinking that his fans supported him even if he released music that he deemed “whack.” Knowing he is active on social media, including Weibo, it is no wonder he has been feeling this way.

GOT7’s Jackson Wang Opens Up About The Mental Breakdown He Had For Over A Year

We hope that Jackson knows there are way more supporters of his than haters!

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