GOT7’s Jackson Wang Goes Viral For His Hilarious Reaction To Finding Out Eric Nam’s True Age

They have created a new iconic K-Pop meme!

GOT7‘s Jackson Wang and solo artist Eric Nam are going viral for the funniest reason!

Recently, Jackson guested on DIVE Studios‘ podcast Daebak Show w/ Eric Nam. During Part 1 of Season 2, Jackson got real about several topics, especially about mental health and his motivation to be better. He explained that he felt bad for years, thinking that his fans supported him even if he released music that he deemed “whack.” So, he wants to improve to prove the journey was worth it.

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Eric comforted Jackson by telling him he was still so young. He said, “I feel like you still have so much more… You’re not even in your 30s…” 

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Jackson Wang: Amen. Next year… Oh, next year, I’m 29!

Eric Nam: I’m 19… So, whatever, dude.

Jackson Wang: You’re 19?

Eric Nam: I’m 19.

Things took an unexpectantly humorous turn when Eric joked that he was much younger than he really is. He claimed that he was 19 years old. Jackson was not buying it, so he tried to remember if Eric was born in 1992 or 1991 (it’s neither).

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Jackson Wang: Honestly, you’re 92. Right? 92, 91?

Eric Nam: 99.

Since Eric continued to lie, Jackson decided to Google Eric’s age, much to his dismay. Sure enough, Jackson discovered that Eric is not a 90s baby at all! Eric Nam was born in 1988, making him 33. Although he is now 34 since his birthday is November 14—Happy birthday, Eric; we love you!)

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Jackson’s reaction to Eric’s age was so hilarious that fans have been sharing video clips and edits of this moment on social media, and it’s going viral. An extra hilarious edit, featuring Jae (also known as eaJ) and Stray KidsFelix, has gone viral with 7.3M views and 1.9M likes at the time of writing! Eric’s age is a reoccurring joke if you watch DIVE Studios.


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Netizens couldn’t get over how effortlessly funny the interaction was. Everything from Jackon’s reaction to Eric claiming his birth year was 1999 when he was supposed to be 19 (you’d be like 23, Eric)…

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Others pointed out the similarities between Jackson and Eric’s interaction and actors Kevin Hart and Don Cheadle‘s awkward interaction regarding Cheadle’s age.

And again, someone created a funny edit combining the two. The video below has 280.1K views and 84.5K likes at the time of writing.


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Jackson and Eric are a hilarious and chaotic duo!

Check out more moments from Jackson’s episode of Daebak Show w/ Eric Nam below.

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