GOT7’s Jackson Wang “Spoils” His Upcoming World Tour Locations And Fans Have Mixed Reactions About Where He’s Going

Is Jackson coming to a city near you?

Fans of GOT7‘s Jackson Wang have been waiting in anticipation for the musician to come to their country since the announcement of hisΒ Magic Man world tour.

GOT7’s Jackson Wang | Maps Korea

Following the release of his first physical solo album, Magic Man, Jackson spent a lot of time traveling around the world promoting it at several music festivals including 88rising’s Head In The Clouds in California and the opening ceremony of THE MATCH Bangkok Century Cup as part of the Fresh Air Festival at Rajamangala Stadium.

During live streams Jackson would talk about visiting many locations as part of his tour, even saying that if he didn’t officially tour he’d still travel to a variety of places to perform.

In late September, the Magic Man tour was officially announced along with the first six locations that included Thailand and Europe. Along with these first few dates, the poster included “And More” at the bottom, promising that there would be more locations announced soon.

| @JacksonWang852/Twitter

As Jackson arrived in Thailand for the first few dates of the tour, an eagle-eyed fan noticed that he was wearing his tour shirt at the airport and it included locations that have not yet been announced!

Shortly after, another fan shared a clear photo of the t-shirt that featured the six locations already announced along with unannounced concert dates in North America and China.

Fans in the locations on Jackson’s shirt immediately shared their excitement, excited that Jackson was bringing the tour to them.

Many fans, however, began expressing their disappointment at the limited places in the shirt. Fans in many places especially seemed surprised about the dates, as Jackson has mentioned wanting to visit places like Mexico and Brazil specifically.

The North American tour dates and the China tour dates have yet to be officially announced, and fans are hopeful that more dates will be revealed at a later date.