GOT7’s Jackson Wang Proves He Is The Ultimate Gentleman With His Actions Toward A Fan

He always protects fans in different ways!

GOT7‘s Jackson Wang has only recently received praise for his behavior toward fans at the airport in Jakarta, but he has Ahgases praising his thoughtfulness all over again as he makes his way to Korea.

Jackson Wang | @teamwangofcl/Twitter

While his arrival in Malaysia for the Good Vibes Festival was somewhat hectic…

…it seems like his trip to Korea was a little more toned down. Fans were happy to see him arrive safely, and they expressed their hope that he would take some time for a much-needed rest.

Jackson was his usual charming self, even sparking laughter from a reporter as he pretended to go in for a hug upon his arrival.

But he also proved he is the ultimate gentleman when he stopped to warn a fan about her skirt. As Jackson made his way through the airport, fans were able to capture videos of him from the gallery above. Jackson didn’t fail to greet them, which is when he spotted a fan wearing a skirt and stopped in his tracks to warn her to cover up.

His thoughtful gesture gained praise from Ahgases, and soon the fan herself tweeted about the experience. She explained that she had knelt down to take the video, which is when Jackson noticed her and warned her to pull down her skirt.

Jackson never fails to be the most thoughtful person toward fans no matter where he is, and this recent interaction between him and Ahgases only proves that he really is the ultimate gentleman.

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GOT7 Jackson Wang’s Actions While Being Mobbed At The Airport In Malaysia Showcases His True Personality