Self-Proclaimed “Mint Choco Lover” GOT7’s Jay B Reveals That He Is Skeptical About Some Mint Chocolate Foods Too

Not even this mint choco lover wants a taste!

Mint chocolate has taken South Korea by storm! While it is a widely debated topic as not everyone finds it appetizing, it’s still popular enough that you can find a mint chocolate flavor of just about everything these days. You can literally find it everywhere, not just in ice cream.

| @tong3k/Instagram & Baskin Robbins Korea

You can find it also in unconventional snacks like almonds for a sweet and salty taste. That doesn’t sound too bad, does it?

| Gilim Tom’s Farm

There are even some more unusual choices like mint chocolate ramen noodles… They even add Oreo!

| Naver

We can’t forget the very controversial mint choco fried chicken. Baedal Minjok even has an online option available in which you can get ingredients to prepare it yourself at home!

| Baedal Minjok

While many idols dislike the mint chocolate flavor, GOT7‘s Jay B is a certified mint chocolate lover. He loves everything, including literal toothpaste!

| Harper’s Bazaar/YouTube

Well, maybe not everything, it turns out… An Ahgase on Twitter recently asked him his thoughts about the new trend of mint chocolate savory foods, including traditional Korean favorite foods such as tteokbokki (spicy rice cakes) and fried chicken.

Would you try either of these since you like mint chocolate?

— @magnetic_jb/Twitter

Surprisingly, he actually seemed to be on the side of anti-mint chocolate this time! Even this mint-choco fan was repulsed at the flavor combination this time. Some things just don’t belong with mint and chocolate!

TBH… no, I think I’ll pass.


He has defended his pro-mint chocolate agenda many times…

Yet, when it comes to this version of mint chocolate, he just can not. You know it’s not good if Jay B doesn’t even want to try it!

Source: Twitter