Baskin Robbins Korea Has Launched A Mint Choco Toothpaste And GOT7’s Jay B Is Excited

Jay B will forever defend his favorite ice cream!

Mint chocolate is the hot topic right now, so much so that you can get anything flavored with it! While not everyone can agree on the taste, it’s still popular enough that it’s South Korea’s latest trend. There’s “mint choco” flavored pasta, chicken, and now even toothpaste!

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Baskin Robbins Korea consistently stays up to date with what’s popular. They oftentimes launch collaborations with huge brands and artists, including LINE FRIENDS and, of course, none other than BTS.

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Baskin Robbins’ latest limited-edition line of products is a variety of mint chocolate treats, including a new Mint Choco Bon Bon ice cream in addition to the traditional flavor. If anyone gets to ride the mint choco craze, who better to than an ice cream shop?

| Baskin Robbins Korea

However, Baskin Robbins is taking it to the next level. We’re not just getting ice cream sandwiches, beverages, and cakes. We’re also getting toothpaste. It’s ironic since those who distaste the minty sweet flavor often credit it to tasting like toothpaste.

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One would think this would turn customers away but, no, the mint chocolate lovers are rejoicing! Even GOT7‘s Jay B (JB) commented on HYPEBEAST Korea‘s post about it, praising the release of the product.

Jay B has continually spoken out in defense of the controversial flavor combination. He is steadfast in his beliefs and will defend his position until the end.

Baskin Robbins Korea has numerous K-Pop idols on their side in favor of mint chocolate. VIXX’s Ravi has even remixed his song, “범” (Bum), which originally featured Chillin Homie and Kid Milli, to become an anthem for all mint choco lovers. In promotion of the new Mint Choco Bon Bon, Ravi has switched the lyrics from “bum” to “bon” and included new lyrics promoting the mint chocolate agenda.

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Whatever your feeling might be on mint chocolate, there’s no denying that Baskin Robbins is smart in utilizing the flavor trend to its maximum.

Source: Baskin Robbins Korea and TheQoo