GOT7’s Jay B To Release Video Collection For DIVE Studios’ Mindset, Here’s All You Need To Know

He is joining the Eric Nam-founded health and wellness app.

GOT7‘s Jay B is the next artist set to release a DIVE StudiosMindset collection.

GOT7’s Jay B

Earlier this week, Mindset teased their new featured artist. The company shared a mysterious photo of a man but his face was blurred…

Ahgases (GOT7’s fandom) not only recognized the stance but the painting in the background. So, many were certain that it was GOT7’s leader Jay B.

Mindset fans and ambassadors were also certain that it was him because co-founder Brian Nam had accidentally dropped spoilers in recent live events. Mindset holds meetings for the community via Discord and recently began holding monthly in-person meetings open to all, with the first in Los Angeles last weekend.

Throughout the week, Mindset continued to tease the “unnamed artist,” although everyone was sure that it was Jay B, and all signs pointed favorably.

So, Ahgases were downloading the app in anticipation…

Now, finally, Jay B himself has announced that he has, in fact, recorded a Mindset collection, and it is coming soon!

Mindset also quote-tweeted his announcement, thanking Jay B for his participation.

While Mindset is best known for audio collections, Jay B’s will be a video series, including subtitles in multiple languages, and released weekly. While first episodes are normally free, purchase of a subscription will be required to access Jay B’s entire collection. Thankfully, Mindset recently reduced costs, and a full year subscription is only $12 USD or $1 USD per month, and it grants you access to every artists’ content on the app. It is available free to download on both iOS and Android but also can be accessed via website.

Brian Nam has been eager to share more about Jay B’s upcoming collection. So, he has been communicating with fans via social media.

Upon Jay B’s announcement, he hosted a Twitter Space and brought in fans to answer any questions they might have.

If you’re unfamiliar with Mindset, it is a health and wellness app part of DIVE Studios, founded by Korean American solo artist and entrepreneur Eric Nam and his brothers Eddie and Brian Nam. It was launched just last year and has already grown exponentially. The brothers created this passionate project with hopes of ending the social stigma of mental health conversations, especially in BIPOC communities, and instead “enable meaningful conversations around mental health.” 

How do we provide more of this valuable content to Gen Z and young millennial audiences? We decided that there wasn’t really the right kind of platform out there for this type of storytelling, so we decided to develop our own mobile platform to uniquely share these stories in an audio format.

— Brian Nam

Mindset has since grown into a diverse space filled with more than just audio collections of successful artists. It includes personal stories, meditations, daily encouraging quotes, and more.

I think it’s time to acknowledge that as a public figure, as a celebrity, as a singer, however, you see me — I have the opportunity to impact a lot of people. People who want to feel understood, who want to be uplifted, need and deserve to be inspired. And that’s my goal for MINDSET.

— Eric Nam via his MINDSET collection, Episode 6

Eric Nam, Jae Park (also known as eaJ), KARD‘s BM, The Rose‘s Woosung, Epik High‘s Tablo, and Ladies’ Code‘s Ashley Choi are just a few examples of names in K-Pop that have existing Mindset collections.

Other artists include Summer Walker, Armaan Malik, slowthai, keshi, Stephanie Poetri, and Aminé. That’s not even all.

Recently, (G)I-DLE‘s Minnie released the first video collection for Mindset.

Read more about it below:

(G)I-DLE’s Minnie To Release First-Ever Video Collection For DIVE Studios’ MINDSET

Source: @jaybnow_hr

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