KARD’s BM Hopes To Motivate And Inspire Others With His New “MINDSET” Audio Collection

Growing up, he never thought he would become a music artist.

KARD‘s BM has been revealed to be the next person to receive their own audio collection as part of DIVE Studios‘ MINDSET app. So far, MINDSET has audio collections from DAY6‘s Jae, Epik High‘s Tablo, and Eric Nam.

We know BM as Big Matthew of K-Pop group KARD, a songwriter, producer, and one of the hosts of the GET REAL podcast. In his new MINDSET collection, he reveals another side of himself we don’t know much about.

In the trailer for BM’s MINDSET, he confessed that growing up, he would never have believed that he would become an artist.

If you told little BM, chubby little Matthew, that one day he’d be making crazy music videos and touring the world, he probably would’ve laughed real hard in disbelief.

— BM

| DIVE Studios/YouTube

In the past, he couldn’t imagine a future for himself. He explained that, ironically, the only consistency within his life was constant change.

I never really knew who or what I was going to become. But here I am. I’m here and I’ve crafted my MINDSET for you.

— BM

| DIVE Studios/YouTube

BM explained some more of what to expect from the audio collection. He will be sharing really personal stories about his life from before he was a K-Pop idol and how he became the person he is today.

| DIVE Studios/YouTube

He expressed that it was not easy opening up, revealing his past experiences. Nonetheless, he hopes that, through his stories, others can find inspiration, motivation, and encouragement.

Man, that could be scary because I’ve been through some things, and we all have. But I also know how much it helps to hear stories of overcoming struggles and challenges.

— BM

| DIVE Studios/YouTube

BM has managed to stay positive despite the challenges he has faced throughout life. Now he wants to help others find a reason to smile too.

BM’s MINDSET audio collection will be released on April 20.

You can watch the trailer below:

Source: DIVE Studios and Image


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