GOT7’s Jay B Releases Personal Apology Regarding The Posters Of Artistic Nudity Shown During Live Stream

He personally uploaded an apology.

GOT7‘s Jay B was recently thrown into the spotlight when he held a live stream on Instagram. During the live broadcast, on the wall behind him were a few photographs of varying degrees of female nudity. Fans quickly noticed the matter and grew worried as minors could be tuning in to the broadcast as well. Jay B himself is a fully legal adult who receives inspiration from various pieces of art.

His agency, H1GHR MUSIC quickly released a statement to explain that the posters were pieces of art by a famous photographer and that Jay B himself enjoys various aspects of art and photography. They apologized for not taking into account the age range of the viewers.

The posters in question. | Sports Kyunghyang

Jay B himself personally released an apology on Instagram. His first story was simply captioned, “I am sincerely sorry.


In a second update, he apologizes for having concerned fans.

Firstly, I would like to apologize for suddenly concerning those that have been watching over me. They are photos I stuck up from one of the artists that I like but I was careless in having shown them through a platform where there would be people of various ages present. In the future, I will take special care with regards to such aspects and will make it so that there will not be any matters you will have to frown at. I am sorry.

— Jay B


In other news, Jay B recently released his new solo, “Switch It Up”. The fresh track can be viewed below!