GOT7 Jay B’s Enlistment News Surprises K-Pop Fans: When Will The “Buzzcut Pic” Come?

It was revealed alongside the news of his generous donation.

GOT7 fans have known since January 2023 that Jay B had an enlistment planned for the near future. His latest album, Seasonal Hiatus, dropped obvious hints at his “seasonal hiatus” to complete his service. To general K-Pop fans, though, the news of his enlistment came as a total surprise.

GOT7’s Jay B | @cdnzarecords/Twitter

As of February 10 (KST), according to the Korean press Herald Corp, Jay B has already embarked on his 21 months of service. While sharing the news of Jay B’s generous donation of ₩60.0 million KRW (about $47,300 USD) to the Green Umbrella Child Fund Korea organization, Herald Corp confirmed that “Jay B is currently completing his military duty as a public service work personnel.”

Headline reads, “GOT7’s Jay B Splurges 60,000,000 KRW For Earthquake Relief During His Public Service Enlistment.” | Herald Corp

Fans in Korea expressed shock at how “quietly” Jay B has enlisted. While some wished he had said farewell, most understood and respected the artist’s desire to enlist in private.

| theqoo

  • “I think he hasn’t said anything because he’s working advance service.”
  • “Fans knew his enlistment would come around February because of the album. Who’s out there criticizing him [for not saying goodbye]?”
  • “Serve well! You’re amazing wherever you go! I’ll be waiting for you! Can’t wait for you to complete your service successfully and come back!”
  • “It’s impressive how he donates so regularly. Serve well, Jay B. Stay healthy!”
  • “Seriously, though. It was not too long ago when he told us at his concert to wait for him. He even gave us a special dedicated song. [We knew.]”
  • “He enlisted without telling us?! That’s so Jay B of him. LOL.”
  • “He donated again? What a charitable man.”
  • “When did he enlist? How come he didn’t say anything?”
  • “Jay B?! When did he enlist?! T-T”
  • “Wow… What the heck? I mean, I’m proud of him for doing good. But the whole news caught me off guard. Haha.”
  • “Of course, Jay B would do this. LMAO. So kind of him to donate.”
  • “When did he enlist…?”
  • “He enlisted?! Man, I still remember when he and Jinyoung were on some radio program for their debut. I wish him a safe service completion.”
  • “Sounds like he’s been donating regularly. What a good guy! Wishing him good health for the duration of his service!”
  • “WHEN DID HE LEAVE US?! T-T Stay safe, Jay B! Serve well!”

Based on the fact that Jay B hasn’t shared a classic “enlistment buzzcut” picture—associated with entering the five-week training, one knowledgeable fan speculated that Jay B might have requested and was accepted to participate in the “Advance Service” program offered by the South Korean Military Manpower Administration (MMA).

The program allows male recruits completing supplemental service (like public service work) to start working at their assigned workplaces for seven to eight months before reporting to one of the new recruit camps for the five-week basic training: A time when enlisting celebrities usually share their military-approved short hairstyles.

JYJ’s Junsu (left), WINNER’s Jinu (center left), actor Ju Ji Hoon (center right), and actor Hyun Bin (right) in their enlistment buzzcuts. | Mydaily

Neither Jay B nor cdnzarecords has confirmed, as GOT7 fans wait in patience for more updates.

Source: Herald Corp, MMA and theqoo