Why GOT7’s Mark Tuan Is Afraid BamBam Will Hate Him

BamBam could never hate Mark! πŸ₯Ί

GOT7‘s Mark Tuan is afraid BamBam might soon hate him…

Mark Tuan (left) and BamBam (right)

It’s hard to imagine BamBam hating anyone, though… Especially Mark, of all people! So, what happened?

While Mark is the oldest and BamBam is part of the maknae line, the rappers are especially close. This year, BamBam even emceed Mark’s PULL-UP fanmeeting in Thailand.

Mark said let’s not do it in such a big stadium. He said, β€˜We can’t sell it, it will be empty.’ The DNA team, GOT7, and I believed him. We believed the fans love him. He holds a fanmeeting in this huge hall for 3 days sold out.

β€” BamBam via @pviiig7/Twitter

Yet, Mark expressed that he’s concerned BamBam will hate him at his recent concert in Seattle, Washington, during his 2022 the other side North American Tour.

Mark read fans’ signs in the crowd. One specifically caught his attention.

I saw your sign over there.

β€” Mark Tuan

It was an Ahgase’s sign. They claimed to have divorced BamBam.

It says… What did it say? ‘I divorced BamBam?’

β€” Mark Tuan

Mark has noticed a few BamBam-related signs during his tour, many implying that they have left him for Mark. So, Mark teased Ahgases that if they keep bringing signs like this, BamBam might hate him.

You guys… If you guys keep bringing all these BamBam signs… He’s gonna hate me one day.

β€” Mark Tuan

Don’t worry, Mark; BamBam knows how unfaithful we can be when it comes to the GOT7 members!

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Watch the video from Mark’s concert below.


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