GOT7’s Mark Tuan Gets Intimate With Fans In Atlanta For “2022 The Other Side North American Tour”

He performed an unforgettable show for a sold-out crowd.

GOT7‘s Mark Tuan continued his anticipated first solo tour2022 the other side North American Tour, in Atlanta, Georgia, after performing three shows in Texas.

Mark Tuan

Fans, many of them Ahgase (also known as iGOT7, fans of GOT7) lined up, mostly rocking either black or green fits, on October 8 at The Masquerade – Heaven in the heart of downtown Atlanta since early that Saturday. Especially as the tickets were General Admission, everyone was eager to try to get a good view.

For the hours leading up to the show, VVIP, VIP, and GA were all lined up together until a couple of hours before the concert’s start time, as there was Meet and Greet for VVIP and Sound Check for VVIP and VIP. Yet, even with the groups separated, the line continued to grow as more people arrived for GA. By the time the concert was initially supposed to start at 7 PM, the line was wrapped around the venue. It was clear that the show was sold-out. Even though other events were simultaneously held at the venue (The Masquerade has multiple halls, including Heaven, Hell, and Purgatory), most of the crowd was there to see Mark.

An Ahgase | Koreaboo via Tiffotography

Finally, the crowd outside somehow managed to fit inside the venue. The Masquerade – Heaven’s capacity is only 1,000.

Fans waiting for Mark Tuan | Koreaboo via Tiffotography

Yet, even after everyone was inside, they waited with even more anticipation to see Mark. Leading up to his appearance, fans chanted his name until a man came out on stage, shouting, “Make some noise! Make some f*cking noise!” It was Mark’s opener, Wes (also known as weswes). He joked with the crowd that he knew he was not Mark Tuan and led them to cheer for him.

When I say ‘Markie,’ y’all say ‘Tuan!’

— Wes

Wes | Koreaboo via Tiffotography

It’s not easy being an opening act, as you know the crowd is there for someone else. Yet, Mark’s fans treated Wes with more respect. They hyped him just as well as he performed a variety of his songs, including “Jose Cuervo Freestyle,” “Used to / Stick Around,” and “Kimchi Pasta (Infatuated On Rosecrans).”

| Koreaboo via Tiffotography

Wes totally got the crowd going with his final song, “Rainforest,” only to leave them. Again, they chanted, “Mark!” until Mark Tuan walked out on stage to instrumental for “save me” as lights suddenly shifted from pale turquoise to purple.

Mark Tuan | Koreaboo via Tiffotography

Mark kept things going transitioning from “save me” to “last breath” to “let u go” and finally, fan-favorite “imysm” as the crowd morphed into cheers, screams, and singing along. Mark’s set list includes 22 songs as it features lead singles and B sides from his solo album the other side, as well as collaborations with Sanjoy and BIBI, “One in a Million” and “Never Gonna Come Down,” respectively. So, everyone’s favorite song, from “lonely” to “my name,” was performed.

| Koreaboo via Tiffotography

While fans were initially concerned about how they would all manage to fit in the venue or if they would get a good spot in the GA crowd, it proved to be a perfect setting. It was perfectly fitting for Mark’s discography as he emphasized that his album was very personal to him and made entirely for fans, no one else, encouraging them to “f*ck all those haters.”

I really wanted to make this album special to me and special to my supports … So, I said it a couple of days ago, but this album is just for you guys. I really don’t care what other people think.

— Mark Tuan

| Koreaboo via Tiffotography

So, the entire concert was incredibly intimate. Even if you were on the balcony or in the back of the crowd, you still felt close to Mark, just as he had hoped. 

I just really want to connect with you guys on a deeper level and that’s why we chose these specific venues so, you know, we can be a little closer to you guys…

— Mark Tuan

Koreaboo via Tiffotography

The concert truly showcased Mark’s duality. There were many heartwarming moments in which both he and his fans were on the verge of tears. Yet, there were lots of fun and humorous moments. For example, both he and Wes took drinks with fans (from the stage).

Mark with fans’ banner | Koreaboo via Tiffotography

Additionally, Mark acknowledged many fans individually in the crowd, from the guys to Latinas to someone celebrating their birthday, etc. He received fans’ banner and also pointed out all the lightsticks, including the AHGABONG (GOT7) and even the ARMY Bomb (BTS).

| Koreaboo via Tiffotography

Mark previously performed in Atlanta as part of GOT7’s 2016 Fly Tour. While this is Mark’s first solo tour, he is technically not alone. Although he didn’t have six fellow members with him, Wes joined him for one song.

Wes (left) and Mark (right) | Koreaboo via Tiffotography

He was also accompanied by a band and two backup dancers who absolutely slayed, delivering incredible energy and charisma. So, with upbeat choreography and a shout-out to GOT7 and the fandom, Ahgases were very excited.

| Koreaboo via Tiffotography

Mark Tuan’s 2022 the other side North American Tour still has several stops remaining before the final show on November 6 in Los Angeles, California.

Check out more moments from Mark Tuan’s Atlanta concert below.

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