Here’s What GOT7’s Mark Tuan Misses The Most About The Members

This is why we need a GOT7 comeback.

It turns out Ahgases aren’t the only ones who miss GOT7. The members miss the group just as much, if not more!

From left: Jinyoung, Mark Tuan, Youngjae, Jay B, BamBam, Jackson Wang, and Yugyeom. | Allure

Of course, in any of his Twitch streams, Mark Tuan will mention GOT7. If he doesn’t talk about them, one of the members will call him during it, and, yes, it’ll likely be BamBam.

Mark Tuan | tuanzy/Twitch

In his most recent Twitch stream, Mark not only talked to BamBam on the phone. Yet, Mark didn’t just talk to one of his members. He also talked about the members.

During the live broadcast, he talked about some of the things he misses most about GOT7. A viewer had asked, “What do you miss about being with the other members?”

| tuanzy/Twitch

Immediately, something came to his mind. So, Mark quickly responded, and it ended up being rather heartwarming.

Just the craziness, guys. It’s always a fun time with them.

— Mark Tuan

| tuanzy/Twitch

Still, he wasn’t done. He thought of something else he missed about the members, specifically something they used to do together all of the time.

You know what I miss the most? It’s like… dance practices.

— Mark Tuan

| tuanzy/Twitch

While most of us think dance practices sound exhausting as idols can train and practice for hours, it’s actually what Mark misses the most. He explained that with his members, it was actually fun.

I feel like dance practices is always just like… The energy is very different, and we’re just always goofing off. Like it does get serious sometimes, but… Most of the times, we’re just having fun.

— Mark Tuan

| tuanzy/Twitch & JYP Entertainment

So, it turns out that what we saw of GOT7’s dance practices was exactly what happened regularly behind the scenes. It’s yet another reason why GOT7 remains one of the most iconic (and chaotic) groups of all time.

It also seems as though Mark isn’t the only GOT7 member to share these sentiments. Recently, Jinyoung shared some old videos of himself dancing.

Memories… When even was this?

— Jinyoung’s caption

A GOT7 comeback is certainly overdue. We need these guys reunited so that they won’t be missing each other so much. Thankfully, we know there’s one coming soon, thanks to BamBam.

Watch the full clip of Mark’s Twitch below:

Source: @prrncwss and tuanzy