GOT7’s Mark Tuan Spills On Who He Thinks Is The Sexiest Member Of The Group

Personally, we think they’re all smoking hot.

In preparation for his first solo album, the other side, and in conjunction with his digital magazine cover, GOT7‘s Mark Tuan participated in a special interview with Vogue Thailand! The singer spoiled lyrics to a song on the album, shared what Thai BamBam has taught him, and his feelings about his upcoming release!

GOT7’s Mark Tuan | Vogue Thailand

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When he was asked to rank the members of the group from most sexy to least, Mark begins by saying Jackson Wang and Jay B are known to be the sexy members and struggle to choose between the two of them. He ultimately lands on Jay B as the sexiest, with Jackson as a close second.

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GOT7’s JAY B |

GOT7’s Jackson Wang | Team Wang

Next, Mark says that these days, Yugyeom would be in third place. Since joining AOMG, Yugyeom has gotten outside of the cute, little brother image and has released very sensual and sexy solo music! After Yugyeom, Mark says BamBam is the next sexiest, something BamBam might take a little bit of offense to after his hot cover and feature for Men’s Health Magazine!


Vogue Thailand/YouTube

GOT7’s Yugyeom | @yugyeom/Twitter

GOT7’s BamBam | Men’s Health Korea

With the two remaining members, Jinyoung and Youngjae, Mark has a hard time deciding, switching between the two before declaring Jinyoung would be next, then Youngjae after him. It’s a surprise that Jinyoung isn’t higher after blow fans’ minds with his steamy show scene in Yumi’s Cells.

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GOT7’s Jinyoung | W Korea Magazine

Mark explains that he sees Youngjae as more cute, somewhat like a younger brother. Youngjae’s adorable image is something that fans and non-fans love so it’s totally understandable why Mark would say this! This, however, doesn’t mean Youngjae isn’t sexy!

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GOT7’s Youngjae | @GOT7/Twitter

Check out the full interview with Vogue Thailand below: