GOT7 Spill On The Real Reason Why They Left JYP Entertainment

“Our way and JYP’s way, it was just different.” — Jay B

GOT7 left JYP Entertainment in January 2021, after which the members all began working on their own individual activities. Now that they’ve made a successful comeback as a self-owned group, the members are opening up about why they felt they had to leave JYP Entertainment and pursue their own path.

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A recent interview with GQ Australia revealed that GOT7 was actually interested in resigning with JYP Entertainment at first. After all, the group had seen a lot of success under the company. When asked how he felt working in a corporate company and given his love for the freedom of nature, Jay B explained that GOT7 had actually felt relatively at ease in JYP Entertainment.

JYP wasn’t a place that was very confined. We had breaks and when we took a rest, we could rest properly. We were given our space.

— Jay B

Yet, there was still the issue of creative differences. According to Jay B, JYP Entertainment made GOT7 a good offer, but by then, he and the members were looking to have more creative control over their projects—to create things that reflect their true colors.

The offer wasn’t bad, but our way and JYP’s way, it was just different. The way they looked at our solo promotions was different. I understand because JYP is a big company but, for me, I wanted more of a role in my work. I’m not trying to be a superstar, I just wanted to be me.

— Jay B

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Youngjae agrees, saying of the members, “Everyone here is the main character of their own life and story.” Something that Ahgases are sure to agree with, given the members’ unique personalities! Leaving JYP Entertainment ultimately became important so that each member was able to shine in his own way, according to Youngjae.

The members are all people who could have shone a lot brighter but we just didn’t have that opportunity. When performing as soloists, they do.

— Youngjae

But none of this is to say they disagree with JYP Entertainment’s management of the group. In fact, Jay B says it’s still important that companies provide a stable structure for artists’ creative vision.

The way I see it, it’s not good for artists to only ever think about their own aspect. The company needs to have their opinion as well. It’s about finding the middle ground and that’s not a bad thing. It’s better than having them not care and just letting us do whatever we want. Freedom is good, but structure is also necessary.

— Jay B

So while the members feel that JYP Entertainment was good at managing the group as a whole, ultimately, they felt that they each needed the space to pursue their own creative vision separately. Eventually, GOT7 left the company but were luckily able to obtain the full rights to the group, meaning that from now on they will be able to really show their own true colors, both as soloists and as a group!

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Source: GQ Australia