GOT7’s “Tom And Jerry” Jay B And BamBam Fill In For Youngjae On His Radio Show As He Promotes His Solo Comeback

Chaos was sure to ensue with them together!

GOT7‘s Youngjae just made his solo comeback with 2nd mini-album, SUGAR.

So, he promoted it with a special live event, an album showcase. It also just so happened to be the same day and time as his regularly scheduled MBC FM4U‘s radio program Best Friend (also known as Close Friend).

So, he had two special guest DJs fill in for him. It was none other than GOT7’s “Tom and JerryJay B and BamBam!

Jay B (left) and BamBam (right). | @mbcbf_ever/Instagram

Of course, anytime they are together, chaos ensues. While at the radio studio, BamBam shared a selfie with Jay B. He captioned with a misspelling of “Youngjae what’s up” to also mean “Youngjae’s enemies,” a play on the radio show’s name.

Still, they both have lots of radio experience. So, they did a great job too. Jay B and BamBam attempted to promote the album but realized they hadn’t even heard it in its entirety yet…

It was a fun time for Ahgases (also known as iGOT7, fans of GOT7) as they attempted to watch both broadcasts.

So, finally, Youngjae and BamBam, and Jay B just decided to call each other!

You know Youngjae couldn’t forget his dedicated radio listeners too! So, he called the show and greeted the members filling in for him. The audience at Youngjae’s album showcase could hear too, so the crowd erupted when they heard BamBam’s iconic “Skrrt, skrrt” catchphrase!

Jay B: Hello.

Youngjae: Hello.

BamBam: Skrrt, skrrt, Youngjae!

Youngjae: Yes, hello!

BamBam: Yes, Jay B and I are on Youngjae’s radio show as special DJs.

Jay B teased Youngjae about leaving his position. So, Youngjae explained that he was busy promoting his new mini-album.

Jay B: Where did you go leaving your position here?

Youngjae: I came to do my main job since I’m a singer and my new album came out so I’m doing a showcase.

GOT7’s “Spoiler King” revealed that he had already watched Youngjae’s new MV. He even revealed behind-the-scenes info!

BamBam: Ah, I see. I saw your MV.

Youngjae: You did?

BamBam: Yeah, I saw that you filmed it at the Paradise Hotel.

Youngjae: Hey, you’re not supposed to say that on radio!

Jay B and BamBam asked Youngjae about the atmosphere of his showcase, and he confirmed that it was “totally hot!” 

Jay B: Even though the sound quality isn’t that good it sounds like the showcase atmosphere is very hot.

Youngjae: You’re not supposed to say that on radio.

Jay B: Sorry.

BamBam: How’s the vibe over there?

Youngjae: The vibe is totally hot over here.

BamBam and Jay B asked Youngjae if he could send a message to the two guest DJs. Yes, they meant themselves… So, Youngjae gave a playful response!

BamBam: Youngjae, could you say something for the two special DJs?

Youngjae: To who?

BamBam: To the special DJs.

Jay B: To us.

Youngjae: Ah, first off, I’m sorry to the directors…

BamBam: Wait, why are you sorry?

Youngjae: *inaudible* but at least there is a script.

BamBam: Youngjae, we totally flipped the script.

Jay B explained that they had adjusted the script due to his vocal condition. Recently, he held his first solo concert, NOSTALGIC, commemorating his ten years as an idol.

Jay B: *inaudible* the reason is I’m trying to maintain my vocal tone…

Youngjae: But Jay B is your voice ok?

Jay B: Ah, I’m trying to maintain it while talking. It’s getting better.

Youngjae: Ah, but your voice sounds hoarse.

BamBam explained that Jay B’s voice sounded hoarse because he had cried while performing his new song, “Rocking Chair.” So, they asked Youngjae if he had “plans to cry” at his event too.

BamBam: Yeah, I know it is because he (Jay B) cried a lot.  Youngjae, do you have plans to cry today?

Youngjae: Me? Ah, honestly, I can’t go today.

Jay B: Not if you’re coming here. We’re asking if you have plans to cry.

Youngjae: Plans to cry? I don’t have plans to.

Jay B: Shouldn’t you cry because you’re happy you met your fans?

Youngjae: Ah, but I’ve already cried in my heart.

BamBam and Youngjae previously had reacted to Jay B’s teary performance on Twitter. Youngjae had actually attended NOSTALGIC and sent BamBam the now-posted photo of Jay B crying.

BamBam: Baby don’t cry. Ahgases and members say that their hearts hurt.

Youngjae: Jaebeom-hyung, sorry..

Of course, the conversation couldn’t go on for too long as both the radio show and album showcase had to continue with their respective scripts. So, BamBam asked Youngjae if he could conclude with a special message for his listeners before hanging up.

BamBam: Youngjae, to wrap things up…

Youngjae: Suddenly?

BamBam: Please say something.

Youngjae: To wrap up what?

BamBam: Please say something to your listeners.

Youngjae: Ah, hello listeners, it’s your DJ. I’m currently doing a showcase to do my main job so our members Jaebeom and BamBam are filling in for me. Although they may be lacking please understand. I’ll come back tomorrow to fulfill my position.

BamBam: Okay, we’ll hang up now!

Jay B: Thanks for taking the time to do the call and thanks to Youngjae hyung who is also there and see you soon.

Youngjae: See you next time, bye!

BamBam: Ah, because it’s a concert space the sound quality wasn’t that great so we hope you understand.

The connection was not the best, so there may have been some misunderstanding about when the call ended. Youngjae and MC Ko Youngbae (also romanized as Go Young Bae) couldn’t help but be flustered as the call transitioned back to normal radio.

Youngbae: Ah, they hung up! We’re just listening to the radio. This is shocking.

Youngjae: Wow really. I’m listening to the radio even while I’m here.

Youngbae: Suddenly what we’re saying isn’t going through to them…

Youngjae: They are saying their own thing…

Youngbae: Their voices changed to radio voices… before that their voices sounded like we were meeting personally..but suddenly it’s right back to radio…

Youngjae: I’m just shocked.

Yet, the guest DJs were a bit flustered over the call ending too!

Even if only for a couple of minutes, it was an iconic part of both Best Friend and Youngjae’s album showcase!

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