What Can You Expect From GOT7’s Upcoming Title Track “NANANA?” Here’s What We Know So Far

It just might be the song of the summer!

GOT7 recently announced their full group comeback in over a year, with a self-titled EP set to be released on May 23.

Since then, GOT7 have been releasing updates, including a full comeback schedule and now the full tracklist.

The tracklist includes a total of six songs “TRUTH,” “Drive Me To The Moon,” “TWO,” “‘Don’t Care About Me,” and “Don’t Leave Me Alone.” Songs are written and composed by members, such as leader Jay B (also known as Def.), Youngjae (under composer name “Ars”), Yugyeom, and Jinyoung. The title track was also revealed to be a song self-composed by Jay B called “NANANA.”

From left: Jay B, Yugyeom, and Jinyoung

Now, according to an exclusive report from Naver, we know what we can expect from the title track. Based on the description, it sounds like it has the potential to be the song of the summer.

The title song ‘NANANA’ is GOT7’s unique bright and chilly song, and the pop sound and guitar loop stand out. It contains the message of GOT7 that it wants to present a song that can bring laughter to the long-awaited fans and the public.

— 정희연 기자 via Naver

Jay B

Likewise, the group’s pictorial for W Korea‘s June issue reflects the same summery vibe as it features the members on a beach. Check it out below:

We Finally Got Our First HD OT7 Photo Of GOT7 In Over A Year, Thanks To W Korea

Source: Naver


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