We Finally Got Our First HD OT7 Photo Of GOT7 In Over A Year, Thanks To W Korea

Ahgases, wake up, we finally have a new group pic!

Finally, we have got an OT7 photo of GOT7!

GOT7 | @MarkTuan/Twitter

Since Ahgases heard all seven members of GOT7 were in South Korea at the same time recently, they were expecting a photo update of everyone together.

Instead, we got occasional updates when a member guested on another’s radio program.

Youngjae (left) and BamBam (right).

Yet, when GOT7 officially announced their full group comeback, Ahgases had hope again for an OT7 selfie or something.

Still, they continued to tease us

Ahgases were even happy to see the blurred concept photos for the self-titled EP.

Now, finally, we have a new (and HD) OT7 photo of GOT7, thanks to W Korea!

GOT7 are featured on W Korea‘s June issue, right after their comeback release on May 23.

GOT7 is here, whole as seven—paying no attention to the doubt that questioned their ability to stay together and keep that name. Since January 2021, GOT7 members have been working individually. On May 23, though, the group will make a much-anticipated return with a mini-album GOT7. Here’s to the second chapter of GOT7, with teamwork much stronger and attitude much cooler than before.

W Korea

W Korea will focus on the “second chapter of GOT7.” The magazine issue releases on June 13. A group photo has now been released of the members walking on a sandy beach together ahead of its release.

Naturally, Ahgases are freaking out.

They also recognize that it’s a subtle nod to past photoshoots. So, it perfectly showcases their journey, reflecting on the past but moving to the future.

We can’t wait to see the rest of the photoshoot from W Korea!

Source: W Korea