GOT7’s BamBam Is Holding Our OT7 Selfie Hostage

He is teasing Ahgases!

Ever since it was reported via Joy News24 that GOT7 would make their highly anticipated comeback as a full group in May, including new music with promotions, Ahgases have been anticipating more updates.

From left: Jinyoung, Mark Tuan, Jay B, Jackson Wang, BamBam, Yugyeom, and Youngjae of GOT7. | JYP Entertainment

Ahgases especially are hoping for at least an OT7 selfie, knowing that all members are in South Korea. Yet, so far, the members just tease

Then finally, Youngjae gave us some hope by revealing that his company Sublime Artist Agency sent GOT7 a coffee truck, which is often done for filming.

We cheer on GOT7

— Sublime Artist Agency’s sign

| @333cyj333/Instagram

So, Ahgases were hoping that we would get an OT7 photo, knowing that the members were likely all together. Youngjae had even posted a video with Mark Tuan, although it appears to have since been deleted.

Some Ahgases were even willing to place bets that it would finally happen. Ahgase x-kayla (@mikhaylacl on Twitter) even tweeted that if it didn’t happen, she would “send everyone $10.”

Unfortunately, the tweet went kind of viral, so…

And, instead of dropping an OT7 pic, BamBam teased Ahgases by posting an alternative pic of the coffee truck, captioned with the sly smirking emoji.

Not only that, but he went to x-kayla’s post and told her that he would “be waiting” to receive his $10. BamBam proves once again he stays lurking on Ahgase social media.

X-kayla quite cleverly then asked for BamBam’s number.

Still, Ahgases can’t help but feel clowned. All this time, BamBam has been keeping us so well-fed, updating us with all the comeback spoilers long before the news was officially confirmed. Yet, he won’t release any photos.

So, we’ll continue to wait patiently…